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10 Must-see Cities in the West Coast

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    The United States is a huge country, so there are many places to explore. Of course, many of those beautiful locations are on the West Coast. California, Washington, Oregon, and even Alaska all have great cities and amazing national parks. So, it can be hard to pick only a handful of places you should visit or live in. However, you must start somewhere, so in this guide, we listed 10 must-see cities in the West Coast. Perhaps you’ll even get inspired to settle in one of the cities on this list! If that happens, just pick a city, and reputable movers and storage CA offers can help you move there quickly!

    Los Angeles is at top of the list of 10 must-see cities in the West Coast

    Los Angeles is definitely a place to be, especially when you’re young and seeking a new adventure! Aside from being the second largest city in the United States, it is also one of the world’s entertainment capitals. And from the experience Phoenix to Los Angeles movers have, many people relocate here every month to look for a job. Most of them even have hopes of launching a career in the arts at some of the most well-known film studios. 
    A Los Angeles skypine, with a view of Hollywood

    Los Angeles is not only one of the most popular destinations on the West Coast but also in the world.

    Los Angeles is also a cultural center, with over 100 world-class museums and a vibrant street art scene. Aside from many things to do, Los Angeles has pristine natural scenery and excellent weather as well. For example, here you could explore 75 miles of beautiful coastline and numerous hiking paths! So, no matter whether you want to settle down in Los Angeles or you’re just a tourist, you can’t forget this city!

    San Diego is a dream city for students and beach lovers

    San Diego, famous for its incredible beaches and many fun activities, is yet another fan favorite on the West Coast. If you love to spend time outdoors, there’s more to San Diego than just beaches. Namely, you can visit some of San Diego’s well-known hiking areas, such as Balboa Park or El Cajon. Don’t worry too much about your fitness level, though, because this city offers trails that anyone can access. It’s also worth noting thatSan Diego is home to some of California’s best colleges. Therefore, it’s not uncommon for people to hire Las Vegas to San Diego movers to pursue higher education here. Furthermore, San Diego is one of the best foodie destinations in the United States, with some world-famous tacos! After all, the city is so close to the Mexican border, so you could always take a quick trip there!

    San Clemente should be on the West Coast travel list of every young and adventurous person

    San Clemente is yet another California city that should find its place on your travel list. It is best known for its stunning Spanish-style architecture, wonderful year-round weather, and beautiful sandy beaches. And from what furniture movers California can tell, it’s becoming a more and more popular destination among young people! On top of that, this charming seaside city in California’s Orange County is only an hour’s drive from Hollywood. Keeping that in mind, it’s guaranteed you’ll have lots of fun here.
    Surfest enjoying waves in San Clemente, one of the 10 must-see cities in the West Coast

    As a surfer’s paradise, San Clemente is a popular city among people leading an active lifestyle.

    Spending some time or living in San Clemente will be ideal for you if you enjoy beach sports. The city residents love surfing so much that they even opened a Surfing Heritage and Cultural Center. There are, however, a lot of regional establishments, associations, and community activities in San Clemente that will grab your interest. One of them is Casa Romantica, a very old non-profit organization that offers various cultural and artistic programs. The high cost of living in San Clemente should be taken into account before moving there, though.

    San Francisco is definitely one of the 10 must-see cities in the West Coast

    Many people consider San Francisco to be one of America’s most beautiful cities, and for a good reason. From charming Victorian homes, convenient access to parks and beaches, and vintage cable cars, this city has it all! If you’re visiting San Francisco for the first time, you’ll want to see some of the popular attractions first. That being said, make sure you visit Fisherman’s Wharf, Alcatraz, Haight Street, Lombard Street, and the Golden Gate Bridge! However, there’s much more to San Francisco than pretty sights and tourist attractions. As long distance moving companies California can confirm, many people move here for work. The Bay Area in general is famous for its career opportunities, especially in IT, and is home to many world-class companies. Who knows, maybe you’ll come to San Francisco to visit, and end up staying here after finding your dream job! 

    Enjoy lush greenery and an exciting art scene in Seattle

    Many people visit Seattle every year, and fall in love with its greenery and lovely city vibe. It’s a big and urban city, but still not overcrowded, so many people even decide to move to Seattle for good. Such is the case with people hiring Los Angeles to Seattle Movers to start a new life in Emerald City.
    Aerial view of Seattle

    You’ll love Seattle’s skyline and fun city vibe

    Whether you’re a tourist or a new local, you’ll love Seattle’s fantastic art scene, famed clam chowder, and scenic boat trips along Elliot Bay. You’ll also enjoy visiting the Pike Place Market to get some fresh fruit, or spending time in Olympic Sculpture Park. On top of that, Seattle also has some amazing museums, most of which aren’t even art-related. So, after you first lay eyes on Seattle, you’ll see why it makes our list of 10 must-see cities in the West Coast!

    Portland’s vibrant culture and amazing food scene are a must-see

    Portland has a reputation as a West Coast center of gastronomy, culture, art, history, and outdoor adventure. Nowadays, when you think of Portland, you’ll instantly think of hipsters, the indie food scene, and independent coffee shops. Moreover, Portland’s eccentric neighborhoods offer plenty of fun activities to its residents and even first-time visitors. Still, if it’s nature you prefer, you can always visit the magnificent Multnomah Falls. While the cost of living in Portland is high, it’s still cheaper than some other big cities on this list. Therefore, more and more people hire San Diego to Portland Movers looking for more affordable accommodation, especially after they retire. In any case, you’ll soon see why people describe Portland as a beautiful city with a unique personality.

    Pay a visit to Fresno to try out some superb food

    Cozily located in the center of California, the city of Fresno has plenty of things to offer. The Downtown section of Fresno is by far its most popular attraction, and there have been a number of serious initiatives to declare it a city landmark. Fresno also has different activities, particularly music performances, which keep residents entertained during the summer. Meanwhile, the youngest ones will love attending events at Fresno’s Chaffee Zoo, such as animal meet-and-greets and special tours. 
    A view of Yosemite National Park

    If you ever get tired of city life in Fresno, Yosemite National Park is just a short distance away

    And if you feel like spending time outdoors, you’ll never be short of beautiful sights to see in Fresno’s vicinity. For example, the stunning Yosemite National Park is only a little more than one hour’s drive away. Sierra National Forest and Kings Canyon National Park are also just behind the corner, so Fresno’s residents will have plenty of options to choose from. Finally, since Fresno is famous for its fresh agricultural products, its food scene is also worth visiting the city for!

    You might be surprised to find Anchorage on the list of 10 must-see cities in the West Coast

    Alaska may not come to mind when you think of the West Coast. Yet, its largest city, Anchorage, is one of the best cities to see in this area! To begin with, Anchorage has great national and state parks nearby, such as Chugach State Park, making it an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. At the Alaska Species Conservation Center, you may even get up and personal with bears, bison, moose, and other Alaskan wildlife. While the weather in Anchorage is normally milder, the summers are spectacular, with 24 hours of daylight. Keeping that in mind, this city is one of the top locations for summer holidays in the U.S. And after coming here, you can even learn much about Alaska Native lives, beliefs, and traditions.

    You won’t make a mistake if you visit or settle down in Long Beach

    The city of Long Beach, located approximately 30 minutes from Los Angeles, is a fantastic place to visit or live in. This seaside city, which has almost half a million residents, also has a trendy downtown area and many commercial amenities. A stunning harbor, miles of walking and bicycling trails, and a fantastic beach all contribute to the city’s outdoor appeal.
    Friends at the beach in one of the 10 must-see cities in the West Coast

    You’ll love spending time with your friends in Long Beach!

    On top of that, most of the Long Beach residents are very welcoming and outdoorsy, adding to Long Beach’s charming vibe. If you’re not into sports, you can still socialize with friendly locals at Long Beach’s street races or music festivals. After coming here once, we’re sure you’ll soon look for cross country moving companies Los Angeles offers to move here!

    If you want to visit or move to a city on the West Coast, Eugene might be one of your top choices 

    The city of Eugene, Oregon, is definitely a must-see city for beer lovers. If you want to try some of the best local craft beers, just take the famous Eugene Ale Trail! Even if beer is not your thing, there will be plenty of other food and drinks for you to try here. That’s because Eugene is a foodie’s paradise, with everything from cheese and chocolate to some of the best coffee in the country! Also, if outdoor sports and activities are important to you, visiting or living in Eugene will be a fantastic choice. The Willamette River, for example, runs right through town and provides opportunities for fishing, boating, kiteboarding, kayaking, and other activities. Eugene is also a great city for families and has a low crime rate, so it’s quite popular among tourists and newcomers alike. Besides, the cost of living in Eugene is reasonable, there are many great amenities, and the weather is surprisingly pleasant.

    Other amazing places you should see on the West Coast

    While we named 10 must-see cities in the West Coast, it doesn’t mean that only cities should be your places of interest! Beaches are one of the things the West Coast is famous for. To see some of the best ones in this part of the country, take a drive down Big Sur. This scenic landscape that includes 90 miles of the Central California Coast is certainly worth a visit!
    Bridge on the Big Sur coast

    Besides 10 must-see cities in the West Coast, there are many other beautiful natural places to see as well!

    If you are a wine aficionado, you must take a tour at some of the many wineries in Napa Valley. You could also spend a day chilling by Lake Tahoe or attending an ever-present party in the area. Finally, pack your hiking boots and check out some of the best hikes in Oregon, particularly trails near Abiqua Falls! Whether you just want to travel or start a new life chapter somewhere, there are many beautiful places on the West Coast. If you visit one of these 10 must-see cities in the West Coast, you won’t make a mistake for sure. So, whatever you do, just relax, and make sure you enjoy every day you spend there!