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Where To Go Out For Thanksgiving Dinner In Los Angeles?

dinner and roasted turkey on the table

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    As one of the holidays everybody loves, Thanksgiving symbolizes pure joy and happiness. Families will gather around to spend wonderful evenings together, say their thanks, and talk about things that were and will be. This holiday is also one of the most anticipated ones, including Christmas. So, it is completely normal that you spend a lot of time planning it and coming up with ideas on how to spend it. While some of them will decide to stay home with their family, others will go with another option. If you are in Los Angeles or will be until the upcoming Thanksgiving, you can spend it outside as well. Rockstar Pro Movers CA will help you decide where to go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles!

    Why is Los Angeles perfect for spending Thanksgiving?

    Located in central California, Los Angeles is a symbol of urban! This city carries not only a lot of tradition, but innovation as well, and is on the wishlist of many. Moving and living here represents a smart move, and if you plan on doing it, you will not regret it. Being a huge city with more than 3.849 million people, it offers countless opportunities for, well, anything. From amazing jobs, and entertainment centers, all the way to beautiful homes, Los Angeles is really a dream come true. While residential movers Los Angeles can help you move there, getting to know this city is completely up to you.
    waiter carrying two plates in one of the restaurants you can go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles

    If you recently moved or are not in the mood for cooking, you should go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles

    Almost every national holiday here sets standards for other cities in the USA. Starting from Christmas all the way to the 4th of July, there is no wonder some people love celebrating there. It is very common for some of them to decide to stay permanently as not everyone can resist its shine and glory. The same goes out for this holiday so it is completely normal that you are looking for a place to go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles. With the right moving services California, you can be in LA on time to prepare and go out to have the best night of your life.

    How do residents of Los Angeles celebrate Thanksgiving?

    Those who plan on moving in time for spending this holiday in Los Angeles should get some tips from its residents. Keep in mind that this city is famous for its diversity and people come to live there from all corners of the world. As a result, there is a perfect mixture of traditional and urban that you will simply love. Some people will not celebrate due to their cultural differences but many of them will participate in some other ways. So, don’t be surprised to see your closest neighborhood having fun on Thanksgiving even though they are originally not from the USA. Many cross country moving companies Los Angeles will have more requests as Thanksgiving gets closer, and that happens every year. Even though that can cause some smaller issues especially those related to traffic, it seems like people simply can’t resist. On the day of Thanksgiving, people in Los Angeles will celebrate in their own way. The majority will stay at home, but if you are to take a look at nearby restaurants, you will be surprised! 

    Where to go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles?

    There will be many options for you as Los Angeles is one of those cities that has huge numbers of restaurants, bars, and lounges. The more you move toward Downtown Los Angeles, the more of them there will be so don’t worry about not being able to choose right away. You will just have to do the same as you did with your relocation and Los Angeles interstate movers. Yes, you are right, start planning on time! Just like in any other city, places for fun and enjoyment are usually full of people all the time, and making a reservation is essential! Down below will be a list of some of the most popular to get out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles. Thanks to their reviews and good services, people obviously love them, and no matter what you should at least check them out. Some of them are not so common choices, and if you wish to be a little bit more courageous- you will hit a real jackpot!
    empty restaurant

    People in Los Angeles love celebrating Thanksgiving and you will too

    The Arbour

    Who is ready to have a bunch of delicious cocktails and a nice meal? Well, this restaurant can provide it for you and for a very good price. The interior is extremely nice, covered in shades of white and beige and you will love the entire atmosphere. It can host a lot of people, so if your family has a lot of members this really is a place for you. 

    Caldo Verde

    Can you imagine combining Thanksgiving with delicious Portuguese meals? If you can, and you like what you see then look no further. This restaurant is perfect for going out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles and there will be a couple of surprises waiting for you. The biggest one is their Portuguese chef that is in charge of delicious food all the time! 

    Charcoal Venice

    The name pretty much says it all. Those who plan on spending Thanksgiving with their friends will love the atmosphere in Charcoal Venice the entire night. You will have to make reservations on time, as this place is constantly full. Prices are a little bit higher, but you don’t celebrate every day, right? Treat yourself and don’t forget to try their desserts!

    Circa 55

    Those who wish to enjoy California cuisine in a modern restaurant should definitely visit this one. You will get a chance to enjoy their delicious meals and have a drink for a super nice price. Circa 55 offers special discounts on certain holidays so make sure you check them out for more details. Their lovely staff will help you make reservations as well so that you can get yourself a nice spot for the night. 


    The time has come for some brave choices that you will not regret at all. Americans have certain meals that they eat on Thanksgiving but how about some changes? If you love to experiment and change your routines at least once, this restaurant is the right place to go out for a Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles. You can enjoy Asian, Indian, or even Mediterranean food. 

    The Raymond 1886

    Located in the heart of Los Angeles, this restaurant will give you a perfect sense of tradition and hospitality. It is famous for having a menu with all kinds of meals and drinks and its wine collection is amazing too! Being this popular, you will also have to make reservations on time, especially for Thanksgiving. Oh yes, if you wish to stick to turkey, they are professional at preparing it!
    a lot of people in one restaurant

    Los Angeles is pretty busy so make sure you make reservations on time

    Saddle Peak Lodge

    Speaking of traditional why not try out something completely different? This place is perfect for a romantic date and your thanksgiving dinner as well. You will find it in Calabasas and as soon as you enter you will love the place. Chances are huge that it will become your favorite spot in Los Angeles. Ask them about their popular onion soup that has to be on your list that night!


    And those who are looking for something really special should make their way to Downtown Los Angeles. On the 71st floor of Bank Tower, you will find 71Above and all wonders it has to offer. It is one of those luxurious restaurants that offer delicious food and fancy drinks. It may be a little bit more expensive for some but it is worth every cent!


    This restaurant is for those who plan to go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles with their friends. Round tables and the amazing design will make your night perfect and each one of you will love it. One of their most popular dishes is of course steak that they prepare in many different ways. Culinary wonder indeed!


    And those who wish to enjoy delicious food and drinks but still protect their budget should check out Kali. Here you will have fun the entire night with nice music and great food. Their menu will not only fit your pocket but you will also be surprised by how amazing their service is. 
    chef placing food on wooden plates

    Some of these places offer much different menu than the Thanksgiving one

    Other places you can go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles

    Having a Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money and visit a fancy restaurant. People who recently moved may find it difficult to balance their budget and that is completely normal. If you move just in time for this holiday and once furniture movers California finished their work, you can start planning your holiday dinner. The good thing about planning your relocation in advance is that you will get a chance to meet your new neighbors and become a part of the new community! 

    Spend Thanksgiving with your neighbors or friends

    The very point of this holiday is to be thankful for all those things that happened the previous year and past that. Los Angeles residents may be famous for many things but one pretty much stands out. Hospitality is what makes these people keep this city running and you will feel it as well. Your new neighbors will not only help you move and settle in but feel at home as well. If you recently moved from another big city and long distance movers San Francisco were in charge of your inventory, you might need some extra help unpacking. Instead of looking for a place to go out for a Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles, you can spend it with your neighbors or friends. They will not only invite you to spend time with them but will make you feel good and extremely happy. This will be a beginning of a new friendship and bond that will keep you connected to Los Angeles forever.
    people in the restaurant

    If you go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles you can enjoy delicious food and tasty drinks

    Instead of going out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles, you can make one at home

    Why not? You can be the perfect host and invite neighbors, friends, and family to your new home. This will be a great opportunity for them to check out your new place and celebrate your relocation. Even if some of them don’t live in the city of Los Angeles, you will have enough time to meet new people and spend a different Thanksgiving this year! Your relocation will bring you some pretty cool changes and you should embrace them all!  So, go shopping, get all you need and get ready to try out your new kitchen! If your new home is small, you can be creative enough to host everyone you wish to invite. What matters is that you stay positive and let the good feeling guide you the entire night. Next year, you can do the same or give some of the restaurants from above a shot! 

    Post-relocation Thanksgiving should be all about love, joy, and happiness

    Relocations all have a couple of things in common and one of them is the change that will enter your life. We all know that during holidays people are more sensitive and wish to spend time with the people they love. Relocation can shift this a little bit especially if you are moving far away. No matter where movers San Fernando Valley will come to pick your items up, you must think of yourself first.
    different food on the table

    Another solution is to stay home and host your friends and family

    Even if you can make it to gather people you love around you on time, spend Thanksgiving for your soul. Take this chance to meet the city and those places to go out for Thanksgiving dinner in Los Angeles could be your next stop. Be thankful for everything that has happened and Los Angeles will treat you well for as long as you live there!