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Ultimate Guide for Leaving Los Angeles

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    There are many people in the world who dream of living in California, and those who live in this state leave it. Why? For some, life in Los Angeles means the fulfillment of a dream, because it has everything people dream about. Starting from the Golden Coast, Hollywood, lots of fun and 365 sunny days a year. But why do people leave La-La Land? According to statistics, 1 out of 10 residents decide to leave this city, and it all started after the outbreak of the pandemic Covid-19 virus. Los Angeles is considered one of the most beautiful and developed cities in California, with high living standards, and excellent business opportunities. But the fact that people are leaving the City of Angels isn’t negligible. We at Rockstar Pro Movers CA decided to reveal the main reasons for leaving Los Angeles, as well as the ultimate guide for leaving LA.

    What is the situation with California?

    It’s impossible to believe that a state like California has started to lose its inhabitants. In 2021, about 360,000 left this state. California has always been known as a country that offers ideal living conditions, outstanding business opportunities, and much more, including its nature. But the Californians always had objections and grumbled all the time. They are usually bothered by traffic jams, high living costs, current price increases, etc. In a conversation with a resident of California, you can always hear at least one of these remarks. However, in the last few years, a significant number of individuals, companies, and famous people have left this state for the same reasons.
    packed suitcases at the train station for leaving Los Angeles

    California is a state where inbound and outbound migration is common, but unfortunately, outbound migration is almost 38% higher.

    But despite its losses, California still remains one of the favorite states, even though it’s no longer in 2nd place in terms of population. People from other parts of the USA, as well as from Europe, Canada, and other places continue to immigrate to this state. But unfortunately, the number of immigrants is half the number of those who leave. Also, the data proves it. Since 201, 7.5 million people have left California, and only 5.7 million people have moved here. And during the pandemic, the largest number of population losses was recorded due to deaths and relocation to other states such as Florida, Texas, and Washington. The high cost of living is thought to be the main cause of the exodus to California.

    What about leaving Los Angeles?

    We can freely say that the “California Exodus” had the greatest influence on Los Angeles. And it all started when the restrictions and blockades caused by the Covid 10 virus pandemic began. Even after that, people continued to leave LA. What is leading people to move is a change in their way of life and work. Most people started working from home, which enabled them to experience life in a different place. According to data from cross country moving companies Los Angeles, people from this city most often go to Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Antonio, and Dallas. Also, in the main, Californians most often choose states such as Texas, Virginia, Washington, and Florida for their move.
    A girl looks at the city of San Francisco

    Despite the rise in prices in LA, San Francisco remains one of the more affordable cities to live in, and people move here.

    Also, one of the most important data on leaving Los Angeles is that in the second half of 2021, about 33,000 people left this city. While in the same period, an increase in departures from Los Angeles to 41,000 was recorded. So, based on all the information, we can conclude that you see in general, the state of California is struggling to survive as an ideal state for everyone. The reason for this is that the median income of $78,000 is not enough to cover all annual household incomes. And that’s why middle-class people decide to find a better place to live. Also, those who work from home, focus on finding an affordable place with lower costs and create the opportunity to save a little money. But people are also moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco. San Francisco is a city where the cost situation is a little better.

    The main reasons for leaving Los Angeles

    What is special about Los Angeles is the very contact with nature that this city offers you. In addition, LA offers many opportunities for career and work, but also a very interesting culture and history of the city itself. Also, it’s important to know that Los Angeles, like every other place in the world, has its pros and cons. And that what suits you may not suit others. Maybe your reasons for leaving are the reason for someone to move to this city. So, when we talk about the reasons, here are some of the main reasons why people decide to leave this city.
    1. The high cost of living is currently a big problem in this city.
    2. Increase in real estate prices and rents.
    3. Increase in the rate of crime, crimes, and civil conflicts.
    4. Crowds, dense population, lack of space.
    5. The desire for a different way of life.
    6. Going to study.
    7. Retirement.
    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is the city of entertainment and the city where dreams come true, but people leave it.

    Here are the top 7 reasons to move. Although Los Angeles is on the list of best cities to live in, people are moving. But all the reasons are justified. Because people want new possibilities and adventure, but also to find a more favorable place to live, more space, and comfort. However, if you decide to move from LA, residential movers Los Angeles are available to you at any time. Because moving is known as a stressful and demanding job, and as such requires professional assistance.

    Pros of living in Los Angeles

    We said that every city has its advantages and disadvantages. That’s why we’re going to highlight some of the benefits of living in LA that might convince you to stay here.
    • There is never a dull moment in LA. In your city you can find many interesting things to do, starting from visiting museums, festivals, nightlife, etc.
    • The city of artists and dreamers. vo is the city where artists have the best career opportunities.
    • Lots of outdoor activities. LA offers outdoor activities for all generations.
    • Excellent food. LA is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, making it the ideal place for all hedonists.
    • Healthy work-life balance. Ability to balance working hours and entertainment in LA.
    • Climate conditions. Throughout the year you will have moderate winters and very hot summers.
    Seattle, WA - place where go people who leaving Los Angeles

    Seattle, Washington is one of the places where goes people who move from Los Angeles.

    If you looked at these pros of living in LA, you could conclude that the biggest advantages are entertainment and activities in this city. And maybe that’s what can make you think about leaving Los Angeles. Also, people from LA are moving to Seattle en masse. Seattle is a city that is ranked 10th among the best cities to live in. And one of the reasons for moving to Seattle is that incomes in this city are much above average. So, Los Angeles to Seattle movers can help you and ensure a smooth relocation. But at the same time, they can reveal more information about this city.

    Cons of living in Los Angeles

    The cons of Los Angeles are mainly the reasons why people leave it. Based on the reviews of residents who live there and who left Los Angeles, they found the following disadvantages:
    • Higher unemployment rate. Although LA is considered a city of good opportunities, the unemployment rate of 11% is a bad feature of this city.
    • Public transport. This is the thing that everyone raves about. Traffic jams and lack of transportation.
    • Real estate prices. The increase was recorded, and the prices are from $756,000 for the house and $2,700 for rent.
    • High taxes. California charges income taxes of 13.7% and taxes in California are the highest in the entire USA.

    Washington has become an increasingly popular destination for people moving from California.

    Yes, these are the reasons people leave LA. If these are your reasons, consider moving to Vancouver, WA. This place is significantly cheaper compared to LA, house prices in Vancouver are around $450,000, while rental prices are $1,000-$1,500. Also, Vancouver is one of the cities with a significant increase in population. And based on that, Vancouver is now in second place in terms of population growth. If you want to enjoy the convenience of this city and move from LA, contact Los Angeles to Vancouver WA movers. With moving professionals, stress-free moving is guaranteed.

    Interesting things that no one will tell you about Los Angeles

    Los Angeles is a very special place in California. This city is home to some of the most famous movies, but also a place that is visited by a large number of tourists every year. But no matter how much people really love LA, they may find themselves at some point having to write about this city. But when it comes to leaving this town, there are a few things no one will tell you. The change of season will be a big challenge. You’ve enjoyed warm days in LA so far, but if you’re moving to a place where there are seasons, such as Portland, then Los Angeles to Portland movers advise you to prepare and bring winter gear with you. Portland is a place for all four seasons, warm summers but also wet and snowy winters. One of the things that will change is that you will initially be a tourist in a new city. You are coming to an unknown place among unknown people. And if you were annoyed by confused tourists in LA, try not to do the same.
    Girl in Arizona

    Arizona will become your new favorite state in the USA.

    You will miss the beaches. No matter how many reasons you have for leaving Los Angeles, the beaches will be what you will miss. Only then will you realize how lucky you were to live in LA. But, if you are going to move to another place like Phoenix, where amazing nature is represented, not only in this city but in the whole of Arizona, you might forget about the beaches of Los Angeles. If you move to Phoenix, bring equipment for hiking and mountaineering because a lot of adventures await you here. And of course, Los Angeles to Phoenix movers are at your disposal in this case as well. And we are sure that they will reveal many more interesting things about this city.

    Leave or stay?

    Considering that until now you have had the opportunity to see the statistics of immigration and emigration from California and Los Angeles, as well as the main reasons for moving, the advantages of this city as well as its disadvantages, think again about your decision! Leaving a place where you have spent a certain period of time isn’t an easy step, and at the same time, it can be a big challenge. If none of these reasons are what makes you want to leave LA, then you need to think again. 
    Girl packing suitcases

    If you are sure of your decision, pack your bags and find a happy place to live!

    The main question is “Leave or stay?” The answer to this question will depend solely on you and your family. If you aren’t satisfied with the living conditions in this city, then pack your bags and find a place to live that will fulfill all your needs and desires and where you will be happy. Also, if you are moving with your family, it is important to think about their needs as well. But what we advise you to do is to read this story about leaving Los Angeles one more time and think again. Whatever you decide Los Angeles interstate movers are here for you. And they are ready to help you at any time. Good luck!