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Things You’ll Miss and Things You Won’t After Moving From LA

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    Have you decided to leave LA? It would be ideal if you would reconsider your decision to move. If you have lived in Los Angeles for a long time, we are sure that you are already used to the way of life in this city, as well as that you have created some habits and established your own rhythm of life. Also, you need to know that moving can disrupt all that. As well as there are some things you may really miss. That’s why we at Rockstar Pro Movers CA decided to help you! We will present to you all things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA that will make you think again. If even after that you really want to leave LA, then contact our company so that you can move to the next level in your life!

    Think again and make sure you are ready for moving from LA

    Moving is one of the most important processes in your life. Especially if you are moving with your family. Because in those moments you should think about the future of your family, as well as their needs. It’s also very important that your family is ready for this big step. And if you are moving alone, then the matter will be easier and simpler. Especially if this isn’t the first time you have to deal with moving. The advantage of moving when you are alone is that you have freedom of choice, and you can choose only what suits you.
    Person who think about things you'll miss and things you won't after moving from LA

    Reconsider your decision and think about things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA to be sure in your decision!

    When we talk about the work that awaits you, you have no reasons to worry. Because regardless of whether you are moving alone or with your family, everything can be much simpler when you have residential movers Los Angeles with you. So, the most important thing is to be sure of your decision. And if you haven’t, don’t rush! The next thing you need to do is to make sure your decision about moving from LA. We are sure that you lived a nice and comfortable life in LA, are you sure that your new place will be able to offer you the same? Have you sufficiently researched all the possibilities for living and working in the place you are moving to? Also, it’s important to think about what you will miss after you move to another city. Nostalgia is a frequent occurrence after moving. Whether it’s about missing friends and family, your old home, or some of the opportunities that your city offered you. Also, it all depends on the place you move to.

    What about things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA?

    Wherever you are from and wherever you are moving, one thing is certain. And that is that you will surely miss something. That feeling is called nostalgia. We have already mentioned it. And, what you definitely have to do is to deal with nostalgia because it can significantly affect you, your mood, as well as your psyche. Also, it has been scientifically proven that the feeling of missing to a large extent can become a very serious psychological problem. And that is what you absolutely don’t need at this moment. Right?
    The girl talking via video call after moving from LA

    After moving from LA, you will surely miss your friends.

    What people who leave Los Angeles or another city surely miss are friends, that is, people who were a part of their everyday life. Whether they are colleagues, neighbors, roommates, or friends. So, when you decide to move from LA, you certainly can’t take your friends with you. These situations can affect people emotionally. And missing a dear person is one of the stronger emotions of missing, whether it’s a friend or a loved one. Especially when it comes to moving long distances. Let’s say you’re moving to Vancouver, WA. The distance between LA and Vancouver is about 1,100 miles. This means that if you are attached to your friends, you will find yourself in a big problem. But you have no reason to worry about it. Your friends can visit you sometimes, and you can also visit them. Although it won’t be as often as it used to be when you lived in the same city. Los Angeles to Vancouver WA movers advise you to maintain regular contact with loved ones in these situations. Also, you will find interesting things to do in Vancouver that will draw your attention.

    Beaches are one of the things you’ll miss after moving from LA

    As we said, Vancouver, WA can offer many interesting things to distract you from missing your loved ones. Downtown Vancouver offers you a wide selection of restaurants, cafes, and local bars. And there is also shopping, which is a must. But what you will certainly miss if you move to this city are the beaches of Los Angeles. But, if we think a little better, this can also be one of the things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA. There are people who don’t like beaches and high temperatures. As we have already said, everything depends on people’s interests. And every person is different. But even people who are not fans of beaches would like to have one of the beaches nearby.
    Seattle Beach

    The beaches in Seattle are beautiful, but Los Angeles beaches are unforgettable!

    For example, if you move to Seattle, you may not miss the beaches of Los Angeles. Seattle has some of the best beaches in the US, and some of the best are in the Elliot Bay area. Also, Seattle has over 200 miles of coastline. And if you want us to reveal a secret to you, then visit the beach in Marine View Park. This is a magnificent place that you must find. And Golden Gardens Park is the most popular and beautiful beach in Seattle. If you want to continue to spend your life on the coast, start your move and contact Los Angeles to Seattle movers. The beaches in Seattle will make you really have fun, but you’ll never be able to forget the sound of the waves in LA.

    Traffic – The one of things you won’t miss after moving from LA

    We guarantee you won’t miss traffic jams after you move from LA. When we talk about traffic in Los Angeles, this city is in 6th place when comes to “bad traffic“. Crowds are greatest in prime times from 7 am to 10 am, as well as from 5 pm to 7 pm. Then people travel to and from work, children go to school, and the roads are very crowded. Also, did you know that one resident spends 62 hours a year stuck in traffic jams? And that represents a loss of $962 for drivers. They are also crowded on weekends, most often in the direction of downtown Los Angeles and Hollywood.
    Traffic jams - One of things you won't miss after moving from LA.

    Traffic jams are one of the things you won’t miss after moving from LA.

    Also, if you decide to move from Los Angeles to San Francisco, you will certainly not miss these traffic jams in LA. Because the situation in San Francisco isn’t ideal. And the traffic in SF is also one of the cons when we talk about life in this city. If you decide to live in SF, you prefer to use public transportation. The biggest traffic jams are in the period from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m., as well as from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. In addition, the biggest traffic jams were also recorded on Fridays, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. But regardless of the traffic jams, San Francisco is one of the favorites when it comes to the ideal place to live.


    Let’s not lie, there isn’t a person who doesn’t like to eat! So, after you move from LA, food is one of the things you’ll miss. No matter where you move to, no kitchen is like this one! Los Angles cuisine is known for its Mexican food, ie Mexican cuisine. What is characteristic of Mexican cuisine is that it doesn’t matter if you eat in a luxury restaurant or on the street. Quality is everywhere. Tacos and Carne Asada are dishes that taste the same everywhere. And you will never forget it.
    Mexican food that is one of things you'll miss and things you won't after moving from LA

    Somewhere in the world, people say “Nowhere is like home” and we mean it when it comes to the food of Los Angeles.

    So, LA is also known for other specialties such as:
    • Cheeseburgers and fries
    • Hot dog with chili cheese
    • A pastrami sandwich
    • Ice cream sandwich
    • French dip sandwich
    • California Roll
    • Cobb Salad
    Of course, you can always prepare these specialties yourself at home. But you yourself know that the experience is not the same. Also, Los Angeles interstate movers agreed with us when it comes to this topic. By now, they’ve moved a lot of people and visited a lot of places, and they’ve tried a bite of almost every cuisine. But after that, they agreed that California is the No. 1 state when it comes to food. Therefore, if you decide to move with our movers, prepare them a portion of tacos. They will thank you very much!

    What is it that only Los Angeles can offer?

    We are sure that you will agree with us on one thing. And that is that Los Angeles is a very special city. So, there are some things that only this city can offer. And also, maybe they belong to the group of things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA. If you are a person who likes to travel, and if you have visited more than 5 different destinations, we are sure that you will share the same opinion as us. Our movers from cross country moving companies Los Angeles are willing to move you wherever you want. But they’ve also visited more than 20 locations in California themselves, and what they can say is that there is no place like Los Angeles.
    In-N-Out Burger

    In-N-Out Burger is one of the most famous things in LA, and it’s located near the airport.

    So, what is it that you can only find in LA?

    • In-N-Out Burger – One of the most famous fast-food chains, but you can’t find it everywhere. You can’t take a hamburger with you, but you can buy some of their souvenirs from the online catalog.
    • Angels Flight Tote Tote – The shortest railway in the world, which dates back to 1903, is strikingly orange in color. It will always remain in your memory.
    • Griffith Observatories – A place from which you will be able to see the whole city and where several famous films such as “Rebels without a Cause” were filmed.
    • California pistachios – The highest production of pistachios is in California.
    What is important for you to know is that every city is special. We’ve probably already said this once or twice. Such is the case when it comes to Portland. There are some things that you can only find in this city. These are mainly sea salt caramels, Bee local honey, Fine Textiles, Handmade pottery by local artisans as well as local wine. So, Los Angeles to Portland movers reveals to us that Portland hides many more interesting things than no other city in the USA has. If you decide to move to this city, adventure awaits!

    Are you ready for a big change?

    You must understand that moving is a big change in your life. As well as that you will miss a lot. Let’s say if you move to Phoneix, which is about 320 miles away from Los Angeles, and a 5-hour drive, you will still miss something. Phoenix is ​​one of the best big cities to live in and is very different from LA. It offers you beautiful nature and outdoor activities, but one of the things you’ll miss and things you won’t after moving from LA is definitely the beaches. So, what is important when you decide to move is to take into account all the changes you want and find the ideal place to live based on that. And if it’s Phoneix, feel free to contact Los Angeles Phoenix movers. They are always at your disposal.