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Top Christmas Events in Los Angeles 2022/2023

top Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2023

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    Whether you are just planning a visit to Los Angeles, or you are still planning to move to this city, the magic of Christmas and New Year is something you simply have to experience and feel. Especially if you have been waiting for the Christmas and New Year holidays according to the old tradition of snow and sledding. In LA, something completely different from what you are used to awaits you. Christmas is one of the most joyful holidays, and if you plan to spend it in LA, hurry up. After moving, a lot of fun, events, and socializing await you. Also, our Rockstar Pro Movers CA is at your disposal. Now, we will introduce you to the top Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2023. So, if you want a new experience and something completely different, step into this magical Christmas adventure with us!

    Christmas in Los Angeles 2022/2023

    So, first of all, there is no snow for Christmas in Los Angeles. Mild weather awaits you, without high or low temperatures. The daily temperature is from 19 to 22 degrees, and the days are still sunny. The only cooling you will encounter is in the evening or early morning. So, warm and pleasant weather means a whole day outside the house for Christmas?
    Los Angeles

    Los Angeles will offer you a completely different magic of Christmas events in 2022/2023.

    Holidays in Los Angeles bring a completely different experience than what you are used to now. Especially if you come from colder regions, where every Christmas is covered with snow. This time you don’t need winter clothes, but pants and a sweatshirt will be quite enough for the adventures that await you in this City of Angels. Also, if you decide to move to LA and visit during December, it would be good to be patient. Cross country moving companies Los Angeles informs you that December is the busiest month for LA. Over 5 million tourists visit this city, which means – big crowds! Every corner of Los Angeles is decorated with colorful lights, stars, and other Christmas decorations. A walk through the city will give you a unique holiday feeling, and you will certainly enjoy the flavors of gingerbread and hot chocolate. In addition, there are many attractions and Christmas events in this city that you must visit, and it would be great if you book your tickets in time, because after December 15th, all the places will surely be filled. So, does Christmas in Los Angeles seem attractive enough for you to change your tradition?

    If you are planning to move, hurry because Santa Claus is coming!

    Thanksgiving has passed, which means only one thing – Christmas is coming, and with it Santa Claus! So, you have to hurry. A large number of people in the world imagine and dream of living in Los Angeles, which is one of the world’s most famous cities. First of all, because of all the famous movies that were filmed here, Hollywood, famous people, but also favorable opportunities for life. Therefore, if you have decided that the City of Angels will be your new place to live, we can safely say that you have made the best step in your life. Also, if you want to welcome the holidays in your new home, then you really have to hurry.
    Family buying Christmas tree in Los Angeles

    Before visiting some of the top Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2023, take care of your Christmas tree!

    If you have decided to pack your suitcases and move to LA, then it’s time to start your preparations. Of course, our Los Angeles interstate movers are always at your disposal. What is very important for you to know is that our movers can help you when it comes to moving to LA, but also when you want to move out of this city. Therefore, if you have been living in Los Angeles for a long time, you yourself know what the Christmas holidays are like in Los Angeles. And if you want to celebrate Christmas in another place, also hurry! Also, don’t forget to pack your Christmas decorations wherever you go! Preparations for the Christmas holidays in Los Angeles have already begun in earnest. And the Christmas tradition in Los Angeles remains the same. Boat parades, tree lighting, holiday shows, and events in the theme park are part of the tradition of the City of Angels.

    A lot of top Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2023 await you!

    Los Angeles is known as a city of good entertainment, good life opportunities, career options, etc. Residential movers Los Angeles reveal that these are some of the main reasons why people move to LA. But, this time our topic is Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2022. What we can tell you right at the beginning is that many interesting events await you, and things you can do during these holidays. We have previously mentioned some events that are the tradition of this city, and they are events that you must visit. What has been a tradition in Los Angeles for many years is Christmas Eve. During this evening, starting at 6 pa.m., there is a parade where you can be a guest without paying for a ticket. Also, if you want to watch it all from the stands located between Highland Ave and Orange Drive, you will still have to pay for them. Children especially love this event because of Santa Claus who appears at the end of the parade.
    ice skating

    Ice skating is one of the most beautiful Christmas activities that you will surely enjoy.

    Another old tradition in Los Angeles is ice skating. This party is a favorite of all generations, and you can often see older people enjoying this event with their youngest. You must be wondering how the ice rink is sustainable despite the hot weather in Los Angeles. Don’t worry about it. The skating rink is a long-standing tradition and is made by using special technology that will prevent the ice from melting. The skating rink is located in the heart of the city, in the LA basin, and is available all day! If you have skates and are a fan of skating, this is the ideal activity for you.

    Christmas events for kids in Los Angeles 2022/2023

    We will all agree that the kids are the ones who look forward to the Christmas holidays the most. Decorating the tree, preparing Christmas cookies, stacking gifts, and giving presents are what kids love most at this time of year. We said that December is a very special month in Los Angeles, after Thanksgiving begins the holiday euphoria that will last until mid-January. This means that your kids have a lot of time to enjoy themselves.
    A kid making a selfie with Santa Claus for Christmas 2022/2023

    Meeting Santa Claus could be one of the best Christmas experiences for your kids.

    Here are some Christmas events that will be a real attraction for kids:
    • Christmas at the Los Angeles Zoo
    • Christmas at Universal Studios Hollywood, LA
    • Disneyland Christmas Fantasy 
    • Christmas at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    Older kids will be delighted to spend Christmas in the town of Hogsmeade, which turns into the wonderful world of Harry Potter. With the help of light projection and other effects, kids will have the opportunity to see the legendary Hogwarts castle and enjoy the Christmas songs of the Frog Choir. Christmas in Disneyland is also one of the events that will delight your kids, especially girls. Also, if you still miss the snow, at the Disney Christmas festival you will be able to enjoy the full event of the festive atmosphere with Christmas songs, and artificial snow together with Disney actors. We said that our movers can also move you to other cities, not only to LA, so if you have been thinking about moving from Los Angeles to San Francisco, now is the time to do it. Enjoy Christmas performances with your kids in San Francisco. See a performance of The Nutcracker from December 8 to 27, 2022.

    Christmas events in Los Angeles for all generations

    Knott’s Berry Farm is one of the places that can be ideal for the whole family, and it will cost you less than visiting Disneyland. Many festive events await you here, as well as shopping. And what is most important is that this is a place that suits every budget. Adventures and adrenaline-filled rides await you here. Luna Park is open 24 hours a day and is an ideal place for adults to have fun. Los Angeles to Seattle movers advise you to visit this place before you move to Seattle. Also, in Seattle, a lot of fun awaits you during the Christmas holidays, such as riding the Holiday Carousel or Holiday Shopping at Westlake Park.
    Christmas dinner with friends 2022/2023

    Adults will surely enjoy dinner with friends during the Christmas holidays.

    For adults, a theme park or a zoo can be boring. Therefore, if you plan to hang out with friends or colleagues, you can visit the San Gabriel Valley. This is an ideal place for food lovers. Christmas holidays are otherwise known for rich meals, delicious cakes, and other specialties, right? Dumplings, Peking duck, and seafood are some of the three dishes you can enjoy. Also, if you are planning to move soon to another city, such as Vancouver WA, our Los Angeles to Vancouver WA movers suggest filling your stomach. Because we are sure that you will miss the food from LA after the move.

    Other top things to do for Christmas in Los Angeles

    Hollywood is one of those places that you absolutely must visit after moving to or visiting LA. Hollywood during Christmas is a completely different place, where you can feel magical vibrations and experience Christmas. If you decide to spend Christmas in Hollywood, be sure to see the Hollywood Christmas Parade, visit the Winter Wonderland in the Grove, visit the Griffith Observatory and also visit the Museum of Illusions.
    Christmas Gifts in Los Angeles

    Christmas is the time for gifts. Are the stalks good this year? Maybe Santa Claus will also make you happy with gift?

    If you have decided to say goodbye to Los Angeles, the ideal time to do so is Christmas. Let’s say, Portland can bring you a completely different Christmas from the one you are used to in LA. In Portland, you can enjoy Christmas lights, carols, and other activities such as visiting the Christmas Light Festival in the Grotto, the Winter Wonderland at Portland International Speedway, and the Christmas Boat Parade on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers. These are some of the places that Los Angeles to Portland movers recommend for you to visit during Christmas in Portland.

    Would you change the tradition?

    What does Christmas tradition mean to you? So far, has it been Christmas dinner, decorating your home and Christmas tree, buying presents, or getting together with family? Maybe it’s time to change something. Maybe now is the time to change the tradition and spend Christmas outside the kitchen and your home for the first time. Do you want to have fun and enjoy yourself? If your answer is yes, then you should really start preparing for your move to LA. Here you can enjoy it 24 hours a day. For Christmas dinner, choose one of the exclusive restaurants, have fun at festivals and children’s events, and in the evening go out with your friends and visit a Christmas party. So, this year, do something completely different. Changes are always welcome!
    Santa Claus is ironing his suit

    Santa Claus has started preparations for Christmas, have you too?

    This also applies to all current residents of Los Angeles. If you are bored of practicing the same tradition every year, then start making changes while you still have time, because Christmas is in a few days. Of course, the top Christmas events in Los Angeles 2022/2023 have always been the most visited events, and here entertainment is guaranteed. But, if you have been planning to move for a long time, maybe now is the right time to welcome Christmas in Phoenix, for example? Los Angeles to Phoenix movers reveal to us that many residents relocate here from LA. Also, Phoenix is ​​one of the tourist destinations, so it is visited by a large number of tourists even during Christmas. But if you still love tradition, Arizona might be just the right place for you! Merry Christmas!