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The Best Vegan Restaurants in LA: A Guide to Plant-Based Eating in the City of Angels

A woman eating in some of the best vegan restaurants in LA

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    When you think of Los Angeles, what comes to your mind first? Diversity? Splendid beaches? Music? The overall living standard? Or is food the first thing that pops into your head? Having a diverse food scene is probably the number one reason people adore the City of Angles. But what about vegan food? If you have just moved to LA with Rockstar Pro Movers CA, you may find it challenging to choose the best vegan restaurants in LA. But that’s why we are here. Check out our guide to plant-based eating in the City of Angles, one of the most vegan-friendly places in the US; discover the tastes you probably haven’t experienced before and wake up your senses. We guarantee you’ll head to these places immediately after reading this article.
    Nicely arranged vegan food in one of the best vegan restaurants in LA

    The City of Angles is home to an exceptional vegan food scene that will blow up your senses.

    The importance of plant-based eating

    It seems like veganism is still followed by numerous stereotypes despite all the information we can find about it on the internet. Some will say that being a vegan has become a trend, a mere necessity for assimilating into modern society, and even worse, a superficial need for having beautiful food photos on Instagram and other social networks. However, veganism is more than a trend it’s a way of life! It is a strong principle to avoid using animals and their products, not only for food but also for clothing and other purposes. Plant-based eating has a powerful purposeto save our health and our environment, and it is a fight for animal welfare. And the City of Angles follows these life principles and its vegan food scene is growing rapidly. Thus, you, as a vegan, will have a special place in LA after moving here with the best cross country moving companies Los Angeles has to offer. And you will certainly enjoy some of the best vegan restaurants in LA once you move.

    A brief overview of the growing vegan scene in Los Angeles

    The vegan food scene is growing rapidly all over the US. However, Los Angeles is an exception. It stands out with its offer of more than 200 vegan-friendly restaurants (and still counting). Unofficially, LA has become the City of Vegans. Here, you can find a diversity of vegan cuisine options, from fine-dining experiences, vegan cafes, casual eateries, vegan fast food options, and vegan dessert spots, to the best vegan ethnic cuisine. Now it’s crystal clear why Los Angeles has got the nickname of the City of Vegans. How great is that? So, if you’ve once had second thoughts about whether LA is a good option for you to move to, now you should not have any doubts. Hence, contact Rockstar Pro Movers Ca, one of the best long distance moving companies Los Angeles has ever seen, and move like a pro! Enjoy some of the best vegan restaurants in LA as soon as you move. It would be a great idea to make a break from the tedious moving tasks.

    Best Vegan Restaurants in LA: Staging

    Now, it’s time to “cook” our list of plant-based restaurants LA offers. Namely, as previously said, LA has more than 200 vegan dining options, and it is almost impossible to single out all the restaurants. However, our local movers Los Angeles residents rely on have narrowed down the choices. Although it was a tough endeavor, they chose the best vegan restaurants in LA. What’s more, they’ve made the following categories, as also mentioned above:
    • Vegan fine dining places: Crossroads Kitchen, Plant Food + Wine, etc.
    • Vegan cafes and casual eateries: Sage Plant Bistro, Real Food Daily, The Grain Cafe.
    • Best vegan fast food: Veggie Grill, Monty’s Good Burger, Hinterhof German Kitchen & Beer Garden.
    • Best Vegan Dessert Spots in LA: Donut Friend, Cocobella Creamery, Erin McKenna’s Bakery.
    • Vegan Ethnic Cuisine in LA: Gracias Madre, Au Lac, Shojin.
    Are you hungry yet? If so, let’s hurry up and explore these vegan spots so that you can choose your first option.
    Vegan food and smoothie

    Veganism is a lifestyle, and LA is a city that truly supports it.

    Top Vegan Fine Dining Experiences in LA

    LA is a vibrant city. And it’s no wonder many celebrities live or frequently visit it. Therefore, the city offers numerous fine dining experiences and a luxurious ambiance. Whether you want privacy or to be surrounded by celebs, you should choose a suitable restaurant according to your preferences. Regarding the best vegan restaurants in LA, Crossroads Kitchen or Plant Food + Wine may be perfect fits. Now, let’s check the places.

    Crossroads Kitchen

    Ten years of existence is a fact enough to prove the quality of Crossroads Kitchen, opened by chef Tal Ronnen. This restaurant’s mixture of Mediterranean meals and a refined environment characterizes it. What a combo! But that’s not all this restaurant offers. here, you can enjoy an “inspired” cocktail menu. The main principle of the prominent chef Tai Ronnen is that “everyone should enjoy great food.” And at Crossroads Kitchen, you will undoubtedly find some great vegan food, such as salads, pasta, desserts, pizzas, and many other meals. When it comes to signature dishes, it’s impossible to choose only one since the menus are fabulous. However, what stands out is the family-style menu – four-course dishes. Therefore, if you’ve just moved to LA with movers and storage Los Angeles residents trust the most, you can be sure that this restaurant will be a true crossroad in your vegan experience. Visiting the place after your move is a fresh new start. By the way, if you like cooking, you can buy their Crossroads Cookbook here at Crossroads Kitchen. Believe us, after tasting their menu, you’d like to have their cooking secrets.

    Plant Food + Wine

    What a name of the restaurant! The name itself says it all. Can you name a better combination than healthy vegan food and wine tasting? The mix of impeccable ingredients, innovative cooking tools and techniques, and natural space design makes this restaurant some of the best restaurants in LA. This place is definitely a dream one for not only vegans but also any food lover. All the credit for the rich background goes to Mathew Kenney, one of the world’s chief leaders in plant-based cuisine. He is one of the few chefs who stepped out from a typical restaurant concept. The main characteristic is that they grow their own ingredients here. Plant Food + Wine is constantly changing and growing, at the same time following the newest trends and maintaining its own personality. The ambiance of the restaurant is mind-blowing. Here, you’ll experience nature at its finest. The setting is almost impossible to be described. You’ll have to see for yourself. When it comes to the menu, it’s mouthwatering. Just imagine spicy pickled vegetables, mushroom toast, and Venice greens combined with their signature dish Toasted Almonds ZA’ATAR. Not to mention the desserts. However, exceptional food is not the only thing you will find here. You can organize any private event at Plant Food + Wine. Just imagine a private ceremony in the natural environment while you grab the healthiest bites. Fabulous!
    A toast

    Don’t miss toasting with your loved ones at Plant Food + Wine, one of the best vegan restaurants in LA.

    Vegan Cafes and Casual Eateries

    If you want to experience a more laid-back restaurant setting, you should check out some of the best vegan cafes and casual eateries, such as Sage Plant Bistro, Real Food Daily, or The Grain Cafe. It seems like just the names of these places are reason enough to visit them after moving to LA with some of the best apartment movers Los Angeles has. Thus, let us tell you something about them.

    Sage Plant Bistro

    Nested in numerous locations such as Agoura Hills, Echo Park, and Pasadena, Sage Plant Bistro is a great place to enjoy different types of menus and brews, and you can also use catering services. This place offers a blend of vegan food and craft beer, and it is a great place to chill out after a long and overwhelming day at work. If you visit the place, don’t miss to try their signature dish Buffalo Cauliflower. LA residents had enjoyed this place since 2009, when Mollie Engelhart and her partner Mimi started the business. Their aim is not only to provide customers with exceptional vegan meals – their main goal is to connect people with the food and change their food perception. Besides, Sage Plant Bistro is oriented toward sustainability and community involvement.

    Real Food Daily

    Millennials will love this place. RealFood Daily is a restaurant that offers a nutritionally balanced menu in an authentic ambiance. It is present in three locations: Pasadena, LAX, and West Hollywood. So if you have just moved to WH with some of the finest movers West Hollywood has, you should not miss this place from 1993. Here you can try cheeseburger rolls, Buffalo Tater Tots, Nachos, different salads, pizzas, and other delicious food.

    The Grain Cafe

    “Expand your culinary horizons” – the sentence that will immediately drag you to visit The Grain Cafe. We can almost bet you won’t find a better pizza than here. However, pizza is not the only thing you will have the opportunity to try here. What’s more, according to the Happy Cow reviews, the main pros are that there are too many options.
    Vegan fast food

    Try vegan fast Food at Veggie Grill.

    Best Vegan Fast Food and Takeout Options

    Fast food is not only reserved for meat lovers. There are numerous fast food dishes in vegan form. And Los Angeles is home to many vegan fast-food places. The most notable are Veggie Grill, Monty’s Good Burger, and Hinterhof German Kitchen & Beer Garden.
    • Veggie Grill: Founded by TK Pillan, Ray White, and Kevin Boylan, this fast-food place is a perfect representation of their motto, “Delicious food brings joy.” Like many other restaurant owners, their main goal is to improve the food culture. That is reason enough to give this place a chance.
    • Monty’s Good Burger: As said in their website story, you can eat a burger without guilt since Monty uses homemade ingredients. Besides, here you can drink organic draft sodas.
    • Hinterhof German Kitchen & Beer Garden: Here, you can try Vegan German cuisine in an outdoor setting. It offers a neighborhood vibe – a great way to feel at home. This neighborhood atmosphere allows you to get an insight into Berlin’s tradition.

    Vegan Ethnic Cuisine in LA

    For those who like to meet new cultures and traditions, there’s no better way than to taste the national dishes of different countries. Since Los Angeles is a diverse city, it is logical that it offers a variety of vegan ethnic restaurants. The following are some of the best vegan restaurants in LA regarding traditional types of food.

    Gracias Madre

    Do you recognize the language? And who doesn’t, since Spanish is the language of vivid life, blood, and happiness? And precisely this restaurant name “Gracias Mother” brings us instant joy. Gracias in Spanish means “thank you, ” which is a phrase you will undoubtedly say after eating here. Besides, here you’ll feel at home since the food resembles our moms’ cooking. However, the name’s origin also honors Mother Earth, the biggest mother of all. Now, it’s simple to guess the meaning and purpose of this restaurant. What characterizes this place is its Agave MissionGracias Mother does not support the diffuser tequilas. They use ancestral means of production, thus keeping the environment safe. And when it comes to food, Gracias Madre is the best place to try traditional Mexican food with a glass of tequila. Saludos!
    Exotic fruit

    Eating raw food is the best way to stay healthy.

    Vietnamese or Japanese food? Why don’t you try both?

    If you want to try Vietnamese food, one of the best options is Au Lac, one of the oldest and best vegan restaurants in LA. The story behind this restaurant is very personal and didactic. Namely, the owner Mai was searching for a solution to her health problems and found a new chance in the vegan diet. This was her passport to a new life. Going back to nature, raw food and traditional Vietnamese dishes mirror Au Lac, a restaurant with a soul. Now, you have a ticket to this food portal that will not leave you indifferent. Therefore enjoy the rhapsody of flavors and wake up your senses. Choose between:
    1. Gluten-free food
    2. Nut-free
    3. Living food
    However, if you want to try Japanese food, head to Shojin – the best restaurant with sushi rolls. It offers a warm and cozy atmosphere that will make you feel at home. Their main goal is to provide you with a family atmosphere, which makes it more than just a restaurant. And following this concept, Shojin has become one of the best vegan restaurants in LA and beyond. Shojin offers food for both body and soul. And if you want to bring a bite back with you, you can always opt for take-out and even delivery. However, don’t miss out on the Chef’s Special Tasting – a menu that will blow your mind and palate. Now that you know some of the best plant-based restaurants in LA, let your movers North Hollywood residents rely on take care of your moving tasks and take a break from the move.
    A woman eating in one of the best vegan restaurants in LA

    You won’t regret your decision whichever restaurant you choose, and your belly will be grateful.

    Moving a restaurant? Hire moving professionals

    If you are about to move your restaurant inventory to another place in Los Angeles, hire moving professionals, such as furniture movers Los Angeles offers to help you. This way, your business won’t suffer, and you’ll soon install your belongings and continue running your restaurant. However, if you have specialized items, such as a piano, opt for some of the best piano movers Los Angeles offers. Let your restaurant relocation be safe, stress-free, and swift. Your belongings are in the safest hands possible.

    Recap of some of the best vegan restaurants in LA

    Now that you’ve become familiar with some of the best dining options the City of Angles offers, it’s time to pick the first destination. The choice, although not easy, is sweet. All the places on our list are some of the best vegan restaurants in LA; whichever you opt for, you won’t be disappointed. Therefore, dive into this quest and choose the best place that suits your taste. And if you are new to LA and want to start your own restaurant, don’t hesitate to hire the best commercial movers Los Angeles has, the movers from Rockstar Pro Movers CA. Also, feel free to share your favorite vegan spots in LA in the comments section.   References: Restaurant | Crossroads Kitchen | Los Angeles. (n.d.). Crossroads Kitchen. https://www.crossroadskitchen.com/home Plant Food + Wine – Vegan Restaurant in Venice, CA. https://www.plantfoodandwine.com/ Sage Plant Based Bistro & Brewery – Los Angeles, CA. (2023, March 19). Yelp. https://www.yelp.com/biz/sage-plant-based-bistro-and-brewery-los-angeles-4 Menus | West Hollywood – Real Food Daily – Vegan Restaurant in Ca. https://www.realfood.com/menus-west-hollywood. Monty’s Good Burger. (n.d.). Monty’s Good Burger. https://montysgoodburger.com/home#about About 4 — Au Lac. (n.d.). Au Lac. https://www.aulac.com/about Gracias Madre. (n.d.). Gracias Madre. https://graciasmadre.com/ CONCEPT – index. (n.d.). https://www.theshojin.com/concept