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The Best Beaches in Southern California

A beach in CA

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    Summer is almost here, and if you are wondering about the best beaches in Southern California, this article is for you. Rockstar Pro Movers CA made the list of the most splendid beaches here. Whether you want just to visit or move to the beach, you won’t regret choosing a place from this list. So, let us take you on a tour of some of the best beach places in Southern California. Who knows, you may decide to move to some of these.
    Women enjoying the best beaches in Southern California

    Southern California offers numerous beaches to enjoy.

    The ultimate list of the best Beaches in Southern California

    Southern California offers numerous pristine beaches, and choosing only one is hard. However, Rockstar Pro Movers CA, none of the best moving companies Los Angeles offers, has made the ultimate list of the best Southern California beaches. Without further ado, let’s check the following:
    1. Huntington Beach
    2. Venice Beach
    3. Santa Monica Beach
    4. La Jolla Cove
    5. Coronado Beach
    6. Newport Beach
    7. Malibu Beach
    8. Manhattan Beach
    9. Hermosa Beach
    10. Laguna Beach
    11. Zuma Beach
    12. El Matador State Beach
    13. Cabrillo Beach
    14. Huntington State Beach
    15. Crystal Cove State Park Beach
    However, we’ll cover some of these in this article. Read more to find out which ones.

    Huntington Beach – the most famous Southern California beach

    When you think of the best beaches in Southern California, it’s impossible not to think of Huntington Beach. It is located between Los Angeles and San Diego, which makes it perfect for both cities’ residents. Huntington Beach is also called the Surf City, and you know what to do if you are a surf lover – move from Los Angeles to Huntington Beach and enjoy surfing to the fullest. However, Huntington Beach is not only perfect only for surfers. Namely, it’s also suitable for families with children since it offers numerous attractions, such as kayaking, biking, beach volleyball, horse riding, etc. In fact, it is a paradise for families with children. Moreover, amusement parks such as Disneyland and Knott Berry Farm are located here.  Besides the activities mentioned before, here you can enjoy numerous bonfire pits.

    Living in Huntington Beach

    When living in Huntington Beach, you can find oceanfront resorts all along the beach. The median home value is $845,500, which is more than the national average of $244,900, but still, most of the residents own their homes, 56% to be precise. However, if you want to rent, you can expect to pay around $244,900, depending on your chosen location. Although living is a bit more expensive, it is still worth moving to Huntington Beach since the median household income is around $104,728, which is way more than the national average of $69,021. If you wonder about the job market, there’s no need to worry. Huntington Beach has a thriving job market with the most popular industries, such as manufacturing, aerospace, tourism, and natural resources. So, don’t miss the opportunity for a better life and still be close to LA – contact Rockstar Pro Movers CA, use the best moving services Los Angeles has ever had, and ensure a swift and safe move.
    Huntington Beach, one of the best beaches in Southern California

    Don’t miss the beauty of Huntington Beach and all it offers.

    Experience the bohemian lifestyle in Venice Beach

    If you want to move to Los Angeles, you’ll like Venice Beach, a beach with almost 3 miles of splendid coastline. The beach offers numerous opportunities for surfing, sunbathing, and recreational activities. You can enjoy numerous courts for volleyball, handball, tennis, and other sports. Besides, there’s a bike trail for those who want to ride along the beach watching stunning sunsets. The main characteristic of Venice Beach is its 1,300-foot fishing pier.

    What to do in Venice Beach

    This place offers endless opportunities, and it is hard to list them all. However, we’ve managed to single out the most popular ones. So here are some of them:
    • Visit Electic Lounge: It is a performing arts center featuring a theater, a dance studio, a rehearsal space, and a lobby space. It hosts different events, so it’s a great place to relax and have fun.
    • Have a stroll at Abbott Kinney Boulevard: There’s something for everyone since it is home to numerous restaurants, boutiques, and galleries. Here, you’ll also enjoy beautiful architecture.
    • Don’t miss Menotti’s Coffee Shop: If you are a true coffee lover, visiting this place is a must. It offers an artsy atmosphere with fantastic boardwalk views of the beach. The best thing about the coffee shop is that they serve organic and vegan coffee.
    • Have surf lessons with Aloha Brothers: Living in Venice Beach cannot go without surfing. So, if you are not a surfer, wait no more and learn surfing with Aloha Brothers.
    If you want to move to one of the best beaches in Southern California, wait no more. Hire the best local moving companies Orange County offers, such as Rockstar Pro Movers CA, and have a peaceful and safe relocation.
    Laguna Beach - one of the best beaches in Southern California

    Relax your body and mind at this sandy beach.

    Orange County Hidden Gem: Laguna Beach

    Located halfway between San Diego and LA, Laguna Beach is one of the best beaches in Southern California. The city is a great getaway with a lot of opportunities. It is surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, such as sea caves, majestic canyons, and hills with jaw-dropping vistas. Laguna Beach is perfect for adventurous people since it has numerous hiking and mountain biking trails. Wonder what else to do here? Check this out:
    • Go on a walking tour: Experience art and history, and visit museums like Laguna Art Museum.
    • Take an electric bike tour: Enjoy the coastline on an electric bike or visit some of the neighborhoods.
    • Don’t miss Laguna Coast Wilderness Park: It offers a spectacular view of South California’s remaining coastal canyons.
    • Visit Heisler Park: The park is a perfect match for art lovers due to its many art pieces.

    Newport Beach: one of the best beaches in Southern California

    Newport Beach is not only a perfect weekend escape. What’s more, it is a great place to move to and settle down. It is more than just a surf place. Namely, Newport Beach is one of the wealthiest cities in Orange County, which you can see from its median home income of $142,463, way higher than the national average of $69,021. However, those who want to live here should expect higher home values since the median home value in Newport Beach is $2,000,001 while renting is $2,644. Still, most of the residents are homeowners. But enough with the numbers. Let us discuss why Newport Beach is one of the best beaches Southern California has. And it’s certainly because it offers endless life options.
    People at Newport Beach

    Newport Beach is one of the best beaches in Southern California

    Things to do in Newport Beach

    Think that sandy beach is all Newport Beach has to offer? Well, pristine beaches go with many fun things to see and do, and this city is no exception. Indeed, Corona del Mar State Beach, The Wedge, Newport Beach Pier, and Balboa Pier are what attract people the most; here you can enjoy the following:
    • Balboa Fun Zone: If you have kids and they are huge fans of Disneyland, they’ll certainly like Balboa Fun Zone, an amusement park from 1936.
    • Whale Watching: This is something you should not miss for the world. This is a perfect way to spend time with your family.
    • Sherman Library and Gardens: Located in Corona del Mar, it offers a full-nature experience where you can enjoy the themed gardens, seasonal flowers, and even conservatories. Besides, several events and festivals are held here.
    • Crystal Cove State Park is a perfect place for those who want to escape the bustle and dive into a camping adventure.
    • Fashion Island: Shop until you drop in this open-air luxury shopping mall with more than 150 stores.
    Did you know that Newport Beach is located between Huntington Beach and  Laguna Beach, which we previously mentioned? Its location is a huge plus since there’s the proximity to other best beaches in Southern California.

    Malibu Beach

    If you want to move to Van Nuys, you’ll get to enjoy beautiful Malibu Beach since it is very close. This fantastic beach stretches for more than 30 miles, and it’s no wonder it attracts many Hollywood celebrities who live in oceanfront homes. And since many Hollywood stars choose Malbu, you can be sure that privacy is guaranteed here. Although it may sound too exclusive, Malibu is, in fact, a very community-oriented and friendly place. It offers numerous places to visit, such as The Getty Villa and Surf Museum, and shops, such as Malibu  Lumber Yard and Malibu Country Mart. And after you get tired of sightseeing and shopping, grab a bite at Malibu Farm Restaurant, located right at the pier. However, if you want to eat fresh seafood, don’t miss out on Malibu Seafood. So, if you want to move her, hire some of the best moving companies Van Nuys has, and move without further ado.

    Hermosa Beach: its name suggests a lot

    “Hermosa” –  a Spanish word for “beautiful.” The name says it all. This beauty stretches almost two miles and is one of the best beaches in Southern California. Wonder why? Well, the beach has it all, from great swimming, surfing, and sports areas, to street parking, restaurants, shops, and cafes. And if you are a volleyball beach fan, there’s no better beach than Hermosa Beach. Volleyball tournaments are held all the time. And in case you don’t know how to play beach volleyball but would like to learn, you can always have some classes at Volley Camp Hermosa. And what would Hermosa Beach be without a fiesta? There’s nothing related to Spain that has no fiesta in its veins, and Hermosa Beach is no exception. Therefore, don’t miss Fiesta Hermosa, the largest arts and crafts fair.
    Hermosa Beach, CA, one of the best beaches in Southern California

    Hermosa – the word enough to feel the beach’s vibe

    How to choose the best beaches in Southern California?

    Is there anybody who can answer this question without missing some of them? We think not since Southern California is rich in every aspect, especially with splendid beaches and hidden gems. However, we’ve managed to single out some of Southern California’s best beaches. Otherwise, the list would be endless. And if you still want to choose the perfect one for you, do it according to the following criteria:
    • Check the proximity to your residence after hiring some of the most popular movers Glendale CA has, for example.
    • Check out the beach’s activities: Choose the most suitable beach according to your preferences. Ask yourself whether you want a peaceful or vibrant environment.
    • Remember the sports options: If you are a surf lover, almost every beach will suit you. However, if you are a beach volleyball player, there’s no better place than Hermosa Beach.
    All in all, whichever beach you choose, you can always count on moving companies Northridge has to help you with your upcoming relocation.
    a woman swinging during the golden hour on a beach and thinking about moving to some of the best beaches in Southern California

    Whichever beach in Southern California you choose, you won’t regret your decision.

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    Enjoy some of the best beaches in Southern California, wherever you decide to move to. And do it as soon as possible. Hire some of the best companies providing moving and storage Orange County services and move to any Souther California beach in no time without any stress around. Here at Rockstar Pro Movers, we will meet all your moving requirements. Therefore, wait no morecontact us and get your moving quote.   References: Living in Huntington Beach. (n.d.). Niche. https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/huntington-beach-orange-ca/ City of Huntington Beach, CA – Economy. (n.d.). Www.huntingtonbeachca.gov. Retrieved April 5, 2023, from https://www.huntingtonbeachca.gov/about/economy/#:~:text=Home%20to%20more%20than%20650 Living in Newport Beach. (n.d.). Niche. https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/newport-beach-orange-ca/