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Moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix In a Hurry

Resort in Phoenix Arizona near mountain range

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    Phoenix is famous for many things, and it’s a great place to live. It is the capital of the U.S. state of Arizona. And one of the things it’s famous for is its year-round great weather, great golf courses, and vibrant nightlife. So whatever your reason for moving is, you will enjoy living in Phoenix. If you are going to be moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix in a hurry, there are many things that you have to consider. And you might not have enough time to research them all, from employment options to weather and finding good movers to help you move. We at Rockstar Pro Movers CA have a lot of experience moving people to Phoenix and many other places. So here is some advice on how to make your move easier and what to look out for.

    Why are people moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix?

    One of the most common reasons why people are moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix is the climate. Nevada is the driest state in the United States, and the summers a very hot, sometimes also very muggy and wet. While the winters are extremely cold. So there is no balance in the weather and it just goes from one extreme to the other. And for a lot of people, that is unbearable. While Phoenix has a lot more rainy days than Nevada and has pleasant weather year-round, especially during winter. There is also the fact that Phoenix is rapidly growing and has a lot of great job opportunities, which attract a lot of people. According to statistics and moving services California every year, more and more people are moving to Phoenix because they realise that it’s a great place to live.
    Happy couple unloading automobile while moving

    There are many reasons to move to Phoenix, and great weather is just one of them.

    Phoenix is not that far from Las Vegas, but you should still consider hiring movers

    Phoenix is not that far from Las Vegas – it is only 300 miles away, which translates to 5-hour drive. Depending on the traffic conditions, of course. And that is something you should factor in when moving, especially if you are doing it in a hurry. While you can move on your own, it would be much easier and more efficient if you hire movers for it. And if you are moving a business, then you are best off finding and hiring good commercial movers California to help you move your business. Especially if you are moving long distances.

    One of the great things about Phoenix is that there is a lot to do

    If you are outdoorsy and enjoy participating in outdoor activities, then you will be very happy after moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Because it has almost 200 parks and 200 miles of trails. And outdoor activities are of course very popular there. You can go and explore while long distance moving companies California are finishing your move and maybe even join some clubs. As for all the popular activities in Phoenix, here are just some of them:
    • Hiking
    • Mountain Biking
    • Fishing
    • Rock Climbing
    Man rock climbing

    There is a lot of fun outdoor activities in Phoenix

    Compare the cost of living before moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix

    This is one of the most important things to consider when moving home. The difference in cost of living. While the cost is overall, for the most part, similar. Housing is still 12% cheaper in Phoenix, and that can make a big difference if you are going to be buying a house or apartment. While food and groceries are around 5% cheaper in Phoenix. Utilities will cost you around the same as they did in Las Vegas. So you don’t have to worry about paying much bigger bills for things like utilities after Los Angeles interstate movers finish your move and you settle in your new home.

    Phoenix is very well organized

    This is something that surprises most people that move to Phoenix. The city is organized in a grid. And because of that, it is very easy to get around the city without relying on GPS. You will quickly learn your way around the city. And there is also very affordable and well-maintained rail transportation. The city is also bike-friendly if you want to get around the city that way too sometimes. Taking all that into consideration, Phoenix has very light traffic. So while you are moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix, both you and your residential movers Los Angeles are going to be able to easily navigate to the city and get to your new home.

    Plan your move well

    It is important to plan your move well, especially when you are moving cross country. Since that complicated your move further. So plan everything from finding good furniture movers California to making sure to change your address. And all the other small details. The last thing you want is to travel back to Las Vegas for five hours to take care of one small detail.
    Man using a laptop to plan moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix

    Make sure that you plan your move well

    Phoenix is safer than Las Vegas

    When deciding where to live safety is one of the most important things to consider. And it’s something you should do before you search for and hire one of the cross country moving companies Los Angeles. And while neither city scores that great in terms of safety, Phoenix is still a little bit safer. With a crime index score of 52.13, while Las Vegas has a crime index score of 54.42

    In Phoenix, you can enjoy everything from Opera to ballet

    Phoenix has a very rich culture. So if that is something that you enjoy then you will be very happy after you finish Moving from Las Vegas to Phoenix. There is the amazing Ballet Arizona, and from there you can go to the opera or theatre. There are many options. Also, there are a lot of outdoor performances too. So despite moving in a hurry, it is still worth the effort because Phoenix is a great place to live.