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How to Move a Piano From Los Angeles?

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    All music lovers know the love you have for your piano. Moving to a different home can be quite stressful and expensive. And buying a new piano is quite a financial burden on anyone, especially when you have to bear the costs of relocation. After you’ve arranged your relocation process with one of our professional moving companies CA, you need to figure out what to do with your piano. Fear not, as there are safe ways to take your piano with you. Read our article for some tips on how to move a piano from Los Angeles!

    Ask for help to move a piano from Los Angeles

    Relocating is quite expensive on its own. Having additional costs is a nightmare for many. However, you need to think about if you’re capable of moving your piano from Los Angeles by yourself. If your piano is quite large or an antique, hiring professional help might be your safest option. Moving a piano is such challenge that many moving companies actually have services dedicated to piano moving. Most pianos weigh from 300 pounds to a ton, therefore hiring professionals will not only be for your convenience but safety as well. Additionally, piano movers Los Angeles know what the process of moving a piano entail. You will not have to worry about packing materials and the packing itself. So, if you want someone to do the heavy lifting for you and safely move your piano, having a team of piano movers in LA is highly recommended.

    Pianos are quite delicate, hiring trained professionals to move your piano from Los Angeles is your safest option

    Acquire the adequate equipment

    If your relocation was done by apartment movers Los Angeles, most of the preparation was lifted of your hands. There are many steps professional movers have taken before starting the relocation. Similarly, before starting the process of moving a piano you first need to consider what supplies and materials you need. Moving a piano requires a lot of time and energy so be sure to have the right equipment to help you with this endeavor. Here are some essentials you need to move your piano from Los Angeles:
    • Tape
    • Work gloves
    • Plastic wrap (cloth can be used too)
    • Heavy duty dolly
    • Dolly straps
    • Weightlifting straps
    • Van ramp
    • Cardboard pads

    Get your piano ready for the move from Los Angeles

    Before starting to move the piano, you need to take certain steps first. To prevent the lid from opening during the move you need to close and lock it. This way you are also protecting piano’s fragile keys. In case the lid doesn’t have a lock, you can simply wrap it. It’s important to keep in mind not to use tape as it can damage the wooden surface.

    After securing the lid, you will need to wrap the piano – either with blankets or padding. Use the tape to secure the blanket. However, be sure to keep the tape away from touching the wood. It’s best to go for a thicker blanket to prevent any possible damage during the transport.

    Moving your piano downstairs

    Moving a piano downstairs is quite a challenge and most people call professional help for this reason exactly. There are different techniques depending on if you only have one step in your way or a whole flight of stairs. For the one step approach you can use weightlifting straps and then lift the piano with the dolly. If you’re carrying it down a flight of stairs, you don’t need a dolly. You will need help of a couple of people, and everyone should be using lifting straps. Be sure to place cardboard pads to ensure your surface stays unscratched.

    Be careful when moving a piano by yourself as they are quite dangerous because of their size

    Moving your piano upstairs

    Although there are fewer safety hazards when moving a piano upstairs that doesn’t mean it’s any less challenging. Bringing a piano upstairs requires a lot of physical strength and patience, as it’s even more tiring than moving a piano downstairs. The steps are quite similar though, after removing the dolly you need to use straps and cardboard pads. Don’t rush it!

    What to do after you’ve moved a piano from Los Angeles

    Moving into a new home is exciting – new space, new neighborhood and more. After placing your furniture into your new home with the help of furniture movers Los Angeles, you will need to make room for your piano. Now that your piano has been moved, there are some things you need to do before playing your first tune in your new home.

    Find a perfect spot for the piano

    After you’ve moved into your new home with the help of movers Los Angeles, you need to find the perfect spot for your piano in your new home. Firstly, you need to consider the space your piano takes up. Pianos are by default quite large and hard to fit in tight spaces. That is why it’s important to carefully evaluate your space and place your piano in its designated spot. Secondly, you need to think about where the piano fits esthetically. Your piano might fit in some spots in your home, however that doesn’t mean it belongs there. Try imagining your piano in different places of the home and then place it carefully.

    After safely moving your piano, it’s important to find a good spot where it will fit in perfectly

    Get it tuned

    Don’t worry you’re almost done moving your piano. Regardless of their size, pianos are delicate objects. Their inner workings can be sensitive to sudden movements. With this in mind, you need to know that every time you move it, you will need to tune it. There are many professional tuners who will have it sounding perfect in no time!

    Bottom line

    Now that you know everything it takes to move your piano from Los Angeles you are ready to take on such a big challenge. Remember to be careful as pianos can be quite a safety hazard. Hopefully, this article has helped you with your piano moving dilemma and good luck!