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Live in Texas Or Arizona? Pros & Cons of Moving

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    It’s crucial to carefully analyze the advantages and disadvantages of any potential new place before making a major decision like moving. Two of the most sought-after states for relocating are Texas and Arizona, both of which provide a wealth of entertainment options, fantastic career prospects, and stunning natural scenery. The state of Arizona has a slightly more expensive cost of living and warmer weather. While the state of Texas has a stronger job market and more affordable cost of living overall. Both states have intriguing advantages to them. It is not a light decision to make. In order to help you decide where to relocate, this article will compare the two states side by side and go through the advantages of choosing to live in Texas or Arizona. The movers and storage Los Angeles professionals are here to help you with making that decision. Let’s dig in.

    Is it better to live in Texas or Arizona?

    It is not an easy question to answer. Both states are good options. It all comes down to what your preferences are. Weather-wise, you will not find a big difference between these two. As for the cost of living, it is a matter to be discussed in detail. Texas is less pricy in certain ways but so is Arizona. Real estate options are considered to be better in Texas.
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    If you are looking to live in Texas or Arizona, the weather difference won’t really make a big difference since it is very similar.

    Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will find a more affordable home in the Lone Star State. Finding an affordable home isn’t usually a big factor for people moving to Arizona. This is because most of them are moving from California to Arizona and the cost of living is more affordable almost everywhere compared to California. Let’s review the pros and cons of living in these two states in detail down below.

    The weather

    We mentioned before that the weather in these two states is similar. It is hot and dry in both. Temperatures can get very high throughout the year. Other than the extreme heat during the hottest periods of the year, the weather is very pleasant. You will quickly get used to this kind of weather especially if you are moving from California as most people do. For example, people moving from California to Dallas tend to do so because of the more humid and pleasant weather.

    Comparing the cost of living

    Cost of living means the average price of everyday items and the tax rates. The average price for everyday items you might be buying is cheaper in Texas. The medium price range for this kind of items is around 6% more in Arizona. As for the tax rates:
    • The income tax rate in Texas is non-existent while in Arizona it is between 2.6% and 4.5%
    • The property tax rate in Texas is 1.7% while in Arizona it is around 0.6%
    • The sales tax rate in Texas is between 6.25%-8.25% while in Arizona it varies a lot : 5.6%-11.2%
    What do these tax rates mean? The kind of lifestyle you are into will be the main thing to count on when choosing between these two states. You will find some tax rates convenient and some not as much. It is all up to you. We listed these numbers to help you gain a better picture of the cost of living here. If you are moving from California to Austin for example, we suggest comparing the rates we listed with California tax rates, just to get a clear vision of the overall costs.

    Real estate

    The state of Texas is overall a more affordable option regarding real estate. Besides Austin, most of the cities offer houses well under the national average prices. The median home price in Texas is around 247,000. The median home price in Arizona is around 356,000. For comparison, the national median home price is around 375,000.
    houses you might encounter if you are about to Live in Texas Or Arizona

    Living in smaller cities in Texas is more affordable than in Arizona, while the home prices are somewhat similar in the big cities.

    The conclusion is that both states offer affordable home prices while Texas has an edge over Arizona. Keep in mind that cities in Texas have much higher home prices compared to the state’s average. It’s the smaller cities that lower the average home price to this number. You need to consider this if you plan to live in Texas or Arizona in near future.


    The overall traffic is better in Arizona compared to Texas. This is because of the well-developed road infrastructure. You will find traffic to be a bit congested in bigger cities in Texas. Cities in the state of Arizona such as Phoenix, for example, have a road system developed in such a way that makes heavy traffic unlikely. Education options are better in Texas. There are a lot of good public schools here. Arizona is ranked much lower than Texas in education nationwide. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get a good education in Arizona. It depends on what kind of education you are pursuing.
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    If you are traveling a lot on a daily basis, you will soon realize how pricy driving around big cities in Texas can get.

    If you are moving with your family, our movers suggest picking Texas. It is considered to be more family-friendly than Arizona. On the other hand, if you are moving by yourself, choosing Arizona as your new home might just be a great idea.

    Moving to Texas or Arizona

    Moving to one of these states means you will need help with the move. If you plan to live in Texas or Arizona and move here, contact long distance moving companies Los Angeles and get your affordable quote today. Rockstar Pro Movers CA is here to help you in any way we can. Visit our website for more info or contact us. Good luck with your move!