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Best Places for Young Professionals in Orange County

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    Are you thinking about moving to Orange County to start a new career? Don’t know where to move to? Don’t worry. Rockstar Pro Movers CA has prepared an ultimate guide on the best places for young professionals in Orange County. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Orange County’s leading industries, the job market, and the places to settle down where you can enjoy both private and career life. And after you choose your top destination, check out moving and storage Orange County solutions for your upcoming move.  
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    Moving to a new place will bring new opportunities, so don’t be afraid to decide to relocate.

    How to choose a suitable neighborhood in Orange County

    Before we move on to the list of best places for young professionals in Orange County, let’s check how to choose the right one. First and foremost, after finding the reasons for moving, you should list the top highlights your new place has to have. So, it would help if you considered the following:
    • The job market: Since you are searching for a better job, consider the job market for your profession. Besides, check the related job positions.
    • Cost of living: Compare the median household income with the potential salary in the companies you’re applying for. Next, check the cost of utilities, groceries, and overall cost of living.
    • Real estate: Depending on whether you want to buy or rent a home, you should check the prices. Besides, check whether the area feel suits your neighborhood preferences.
    • Proximity to other places: Check how close other places are so that you can search for a job in a wider area. However, proximity is not only important when it comes to working. Consider the proximity to outdoor places and your friends and family.
    • Transport system: This is essential if you don’t want to lose time commuting to work. Therefore, check the average commute time.
    • Outdoor and recreational activities: Besides career life, the quality of private life is also very important. Thus, choose a place that fits your preferences.
    Only after you’ve carefully considered these factors can you make the final decision and schedule some of the local moving companies Orange County offers to perform your move.

    What are the best places for young professionals in Orange County?

    There’s no universal answer to this question. What’s best for someone doesn’t mean it will be for somebody else. The previously mentioned aspects and your personal needs will define your answer. However, some places are universally great, and if you choose one from the following, you can be sure you won’t regret your decision. And Rockstar Pro Movers CA is here to help you with your search.

    How did we single out the potentially best places for young professionals in Orange County?

    This endeavor was indeed not easy. However, our residential movers Los Angeles residents rely upon the most have done their research based on the factors mentioned in the first paragraph. And the following are some of the best places in Orange County to start or continue your career.
    A woman with a map searching for the best places for young professionals in Orange County

    It is not easy to define the best places for young professionals in Orange County.

    These are some of the best places for young professionals that Orange County has to offer

    1. Irvine
    2. Laguna Beach
    3. Fullerton
    4. Anaheim
    5. Newport Beach

    Irvine: The Center of Orange County

    Irvine is considered America’s Safest Big City, which has become a booming education and business hub. It is home to the University of California. Those who start their studies here often decide to stay and search for a job. Besides, offering excellent education and job opportunities, Irvine offers exceptional things to do, and it attracts many tourists, mainly thanks to Irvine Global Village Festival. When it comes to the living standard, Irvine has got an A+ overall grade. However, living costs in Irvine are high. For instance, real estate costs go beyond the national average. If you want to buy a home, you’ll have to pay around $900,700, higher than the national average of $244,900. And median home rent is $2,533 (the national average is $1,163). However, the percentages of homeowners and renters are close – 56% rent, while 44% own their homes. And if you decide to move here, you’ll experience the mix of the urban and suburban area feels. So, if you want to move from LA to Irvine, for example, hire a moving company providing some of the best moving services Los Angeles has to offer and ensure a seamless move.

    The job market in Irvine

    Regarding economic development, according to cityofirvine.org, more than 17,000 businesses are licensed, and the job opportunities surpass the number 275,000 in industries such as software, manufacturing, legal, financial and professional services, accounting, and healthcare. The median household income of $114,027 exceeds the national average of $69,021.
    Colleagues in the office working

    Irvine has many different industries you can work at

    Laguna Beach

    Can you imagine working in an art hub surrounded by beautiful beaches? Yes, it’s possible in Laguna Beach. It seems like it has everything, from pristine beaches, endless entertainment options, buzzing nightlife, top-notch schools, and safe neighborhoods to a thriving job market. The quality of its job market mirrors the median household income, which is almost double the national average. Namely, it goes up to $135,976 while the national average is $69,021. The main industries you can work in are professional (18 2%), retail (11.2%), real estate and education (8.6%), finance & insurance (8.0%), manufacturing (7.6%), and many others such as hospitality, construction, entertainment, etc. And the largest companies by revenue in Laguna Beach are Wells Fargo, Starbucks, Verizon Wireless, Blues Shield of California Holiday Inn, and many others, according to Lensa.

    Real Estate in Laguna Beach

    • Median Home Value: $2,000,001, while the national average is $244,900
    • Rent vs. Own: Rent – 34%; Own 66%
    • Median Rent: $2,427, while the national average is $1,163
    • Area Feel: Sparse Suburban

    Fullerton is one of the best places for young professionals in Laguna Beach

    Fullerton’s location is perfect. It is located north of Anaheim and a couple of minutes from Irvine, but it is also near Los Angeles. Living in Fullerton is a perfect example of a suburban feel. Living in Fullerton gives you a perfect balance between career and private life. Somewhere between the nightlife and parties, entertainment and business, you’ll also get to enjoy beautiful surroundings with your family and friends. Besides, it’s easy to find and make friends here since the area feel is a mix of urban and suburban. However, the hardest thing in Fullerton is to decide where to go, from Laguna Lake Park, museums, and art galleries, to restaurants and pubs. It seems like Fullerton has it all, from some of the best public schools, such as Golden Elementary School, El Dorado High School, Fullerton College, and Cal State University, to the most thriving job scene. Regarding the main industries in Fullerton, according to Zippia, the top employers are SASCO which operates as an electrical constructor and consultant, BI Technologies Corp., Thales-Rayethon Systems, and others. When it comes to the median household income, it is $92,718, slightly above the national average of $69,021. According to Niche, St Jude Medical Center, Cal Tech Precision, Inc., Memory4less, etc., are some of the best places to work in Fullerton.

    Real estate  in Fullerton

    Most people in Fullerton own their homes, about 53%, while 47% rent. The median home value is about $698,60 (national $244,900), while renting is $1,818 and the national average is $1,163. So, if you want to move to Fullerton, check some of the best long distance movers Orange County CA has and have a safe and stress-free relocation.
    A person pointing at a home floor plan on a laptop

    Most of the residents in Fullerton own their homes.

    Anaheim is one of the best places for young professionals in Orange County

    Anaheim is one of the most affordable neighborhoods to live in Orange County. And it is perfect for those who want to live near Los Angeles. And this proximity to LA and the finest freeway accessibility makes Anaheim so appealing to move to. Namely, Anaheim is surrounded by four freeways – the 55, the 591, the 22, and the 55. Besides, it has Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (aka the ARCTIC). However, before you call your go-to apartment movers Los Angeles residents rely on, let’s look at the job market. Tourism is a massive component of the city since it is home to Disneyland.

    The job market in Anaheim is exceptional

    According to the City-Data, Anaheim has exceptional incentive job training programs such as Anaheim’s JTP, ETP (California’s Employment Training Panel), and development projects. As previously said, Anaheim has a tourism-based economy. The largest employers are the Disneyland Resort, the Disney hotel, and the Downtown Disney District. Besides, The Anaheim Convention Center and hotels provide many job opportunities. The median household income is $81,806, above the national average of $69,021. Top employers in Anaheim are:
    • Disneyland Resort
    • Hilton Anaheim
    • Anaheim Regional Medical Center
    • Anaheim Marriott
    • L-3 Communication

    Real estate in Anaheim

    Following are some of the main highlights when it comes to Anaheim real estate:
    • Median Home Value: $623,300, National $244,900
    • Median Rent: $1,823, National $1,163
    • Rent vs. Own: Rent 54%; Own 46%
    • Area Feel: Urban Suburban Mix

    Best neighborhoods in Anaheim:

    1. Anaheim Colony Historic District: This is Anaheim’s largest and first historic neighborhood and is great for nightlife and outdoor activities. The area has different house options, from townhomes to historic homes.
    2. Anaheim Hills: Here, you can find all types of homes, from condos to mansions. The neighborhood is diverse, so there’s something for everyone.
    3. West Anaheim: It is one of the most popular neighborhoods, which has it all, from schools, parks, and recreational areas. It is perfect for raising a family.
    a dog on the street

    Anaheim is home to beautiful neighborhoods.

    Newport Beach

    According to Niche, Newport Beach is among the best places for young professionals in Orange County. The reasons for this are many. The place has everything from an exceptional job market to entertainment options. It is pretty easy to find a job in Newport Beach since it is home to Navigate, Newport Beach Chamber of Commerce for young professionals, where you can build a strong working network. Their primary mission is to promote economic opportunities. When it comes to earnings, the median household income is #142,463, which is more than the national average. According to Niche, the best places to work in Newport Beach are Alliance Healthcare Services, Pacific Life Insurance, Cadence Aerospace, Mahan Insurance Brokers, etc. Regarding real estate, the median home value is $2,000,001, while you’ll pay around $2,644 for rent. Most of the residents in Newport Beach own their homes, around 54%.

    Other popular neighborhoods in Orange County

    Besides these five places mentioned above, Orange County has much more to offer. Other popular neighborhoods among young professionals are Huntington Beach, known as Surf City, Villa Park, Dana Point, and many other places. And whichever place you choose, you won’t regret your decision since Orange County is ideal no matter your profession, age, or status. Did you know that most LA residents choose to move to Orange County? If this is also your case, check some of the finest furniture movers Los Angeles has to offer and move like a pro.
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    If you want to move to Orange County, hire Pro Movers CA to handle your relocation tasks.

    Contact us today and move to some of the best places for young professionals in Orange County

    Now that you know the best places for young professionals in Orange County, it’s time to choose one. And after making your choice, you know whom to call for performing your move – Rockstar Pro Movers CA. We are one of the most reliable and trustworthy moving companies in California. Our movers are skilled, devoted, and trained for any move, no matter the distance, complexity, and urgency of your upcoming relocation. Therefore, wait no more, contact us, and schedule some of the finest movers California has to offer. References: Living in Irvine. (n.d.). Niche. https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/irvine-orange-ca/ Economic Development. (2015, November 10). Economic Development. City of Irvine. https://www.cityofirvine.org/economic-development#:~:text=More%20than%2017%2C000%20businesses%20have Living in Laguna Beach. (n.d.). Niche. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/laguna-beach-orange-ca/ The Demographic Statistical Atlas of the United States – Statistical Atlas. (n.d.). Statisticalatlas.com. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from https://statisticalatlas.com/place/California/Laguna-Beach/Industries 50 Largest companies in Laguna Beach, CA by revenue. (n.d.). Lensa. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from https://lensa.com/company/largest-companies-in-laguna-beach-ca-by-revenue Living in Fullerton. (n.d.). Niche. https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/fullerton-orange-ca/ Living in Anaheim. (n.d.). Niche. Retrieved March 21, 2023, from https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/anaheim-orange-ca/#real-estate