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The Ultimate Guide to Living in San Francisco With a Dog

the girl who is living in San Francisco with a dog

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    Life in San Francisco is full of surprises and adventures. Maybe in the beginning, the noise, crowd, and fast way of life will seem too much to you, but believe us; you will quickly get used to it. Both you and your dog. Did you know that there are more dogs in SF than children? Yes. It’s really like that. San Francisco is one of the best cities to live in with a dog. Because this city, when it comes to shopping, medical care, and recreation for dogs, is one of the best in the USA. So, if you are considering moving with your dog to SF, Rockstar Pro Movers CA is here for you. And now, we will present you with a complete guide to living in San Francisco with a dog. Here we go!

    Everyone is welcome in San Francisco, even your dog!

    San Francisco is one of the friendliest cities in California and beyond. It’s known as a place where everyone is always welcome. And even dogs! Also, San Francisco is ranked #1 when it comes to the best city to live in with a pet. Another good news is that this city is full of playgrounds where your four-legged friend can enjoy you without a leash. However, a very important thing you should know if you are planning to move to SF with your dog is that the law in this city doesn’t allow you to have more than three dogs. So, if you intend to become the owner of 101 Dalmatians, you will have to look for a new place to live. But wherever you go, long distance movers San Francisco offers are always with you, regardless of the distance.
    Girl and dogs in the park ready for living in San Francisco with a dog

    San Francisco is a pet-friendly city, but unfortunately, you can’t adopt more than three dogs.

    In general, life in San Francisco can be very interesting. At first glance, you will see a small town in the skin of a big city. When you look a little closer, you will see a city surrounded by giant skyscrapers in the center, but also numerous bridges, the most famous of which is the Golden Gate Bridge. Everyone is welcome in this city, regardless of age, nationality, class, or culture. It’s the same with dogs and other pets. Whether you have a parrot, a cat, or a dog, the city will welcome you with open arms. But when it comes to dogs, some rules must be followed, meaning there are a lot of things you need to know about living with a dog in SF.

    All things you need to know about living in San Francisco with a dog

    If you decide to move to SF with a dog, we recommend that, before you find San Francisco movers, you familiarize yourself with the rules of life in this city that relate to living with a dog. We have already mentioned one of them, which is that it’s forbidden to have more than three dogs. But the other rules will also be useful to you.
    1. The dog can be off-leash only in the parts of the city/parks intended for dogs.
    2. The dog must be on a leash while walking on the street or sidewalk.
    3. Aggressive dog breeds must wear a muzzle.
    4. All dogs must be regularly vaccinated and cleaned of parasites.
    5. Any dog ​​over 4 months of age must be licensed. (There are licenses that are valid for a period of 1, 2, or 3 years.)
    6. Dogs are prohibited from entering Alcatraz.
    7. The dog mustn’t bark, howl or make any other noise for more than 10 minutes in order not to disturb the peace of another person.
    8. A dog leash mustn’t be longer than 8 feet.
    These are the rules for living with a pet in SF. Also, it’s important to say that on private property, the dog can be free if the space is safe, i.e. the dog can’t go outside the yard. Also, at the entrance to your private property, there must be a notice that you have a dog.

    Guide to living in San Francisco with a dog

    Did you know that dogs in California have their rights? In California, there is an Assembly law that dates back to 1881. It’s called the “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights.” This law states that all pets have their rights which include freedom from neglect and abuse, the right to health care, as well as the right to food and proper exercise. So this is another thing you must know if you plan to live in SF or anywhere in California.
    Dog and man shake hands

    A dog is a living being like you, so respect its rights!

    This guide will not be dedicated to your dog’s daily routine, walks, feeding, and activities. We assume you already have that cover. Instead, we will introduce you to some important things that can be useful if you decide to live in SF, in particular, because a lot of fun awaits you and your four-legged friend in this city. So, in this guide, you will be able to find the following:
    • Pet-friendly neighborhoods in SF
    • The best Pet shops
    • The best vets for your dog
    • Pet-friendly parks

    What are the best pet-friendly neighborhoods for living in San Francisco with a dog?

    San Francisco is a pet-friendly city. But not all neighborhoods are so dog-loving. Surely even now, there is a neighbor in your neighborhood who is annoyed by barking dogs or who is afraid of them. Well, in San Francisco, several neighborhoods aren’t exactly the ideal place for your dog. But this time, we will reveal to you some of those that can be ideal places to live with your dog.
    • The Sunset District. There are many dog ​​jobs in this neighborhood. But this place is also considered a paradise for dogs where they can fully enjoy whatever they do.
    • Bernal Heights. Two of the best dog parks in SF are located here, Precita Park and Bernal Heights Park.
    • Mission Bay. This is the neighborhood for all those who live with their dog in a relaxed way and want to enjoy all day in Mission Creek Park.
    • North of the Panhandle. In this neighborhood, plenty of activities await your dog at Panhandle Park and Alamo Square Park.
    Girl and dog having fun

    Many fun things await you and your dog in these neighborhoods in San Francisco.

    In addition to being an excellent choice for dogs, these neighborhoods are great places to live. San Francisco is a safe city but is also one of the most expensive. The cost of the living index here is 244.0 compared to the 100 national average, according to data from bestplaces.net. In addition to these neighborhoods that you could see, there are three more places that you will really like. These are the Marina District, Pac Heights, and Dogpatch. And wherever you decide to move, local movers in San Francisco are at your disposal. So you can call them at any time!

    Where are the best pet shops?

    Just like you, your dog needs certain things. From quality food and toys to brushes, shampoo, clothes, treats, and other things. Therefore, when you decide to live in San Francisco with a dog, you must find all the shopping places for your pets. But we thought of you this time too, so we singled out several excellent stores. Among the first locations is the Black Nose Trading Company, located at 342 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California. They offer various services such as bathing, daycare, dog walking, and nighttime dog sitting. The prices are favorable, and the service is excellent. Then there’s Bernal Beast at 509 Cortland Avenue in San Francisco, which sells premium organic pet food. There’s also Sunset Pet Supply at 3809 Noriega Street, San Francisco, offering a variety of pet supplies as well as delicious treats. And besides, this store was declared “The best in the bay”.
    Dog preparing for move

    Shopping for your dogs is part of everyday life, but don’t worry; you will find the best places for it in San Francisco.

    That’s not all! The Animal House is another fantastic store at 157 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA. And here, you can buy different types of food for your dog, including treats. And the last store on our list is Best In Show, at 545 Castro Street, San Francisco, CA. Here the best things you can buy are clothes for your dog.

    What are the best vets for your dog in San Francisco?

    A list of the best veterinarians is a must-have, no matter your city. You will find veterinary offices on duty during the night on this list. But you must always choose carefully because your dog deserves the best health care. Well, reliable movers in San Francisco will not only help you and your four-legged friend with the move, but they will also recommend some of the best vets in town. So some of them are:
    • Pets Unlimited Care Center at 2343 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA. Working hours 24/7.
    • Mission Pet Hospital at 720 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA, offers phone consultations 7:00 PM – 12:00 AM, seven days a week, and health services 8:00 AM – 6:30 PM, Saturdays: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM: 30.
    • VCA SF Veterinarian Specialists – Multi-specialty vet hospital at 600 Alabama Street, San Francisco, CA, open 24/7.
    • Irving Pet Hospital in 1434 Irving Street, San Francisco, CA, offers surgery, dental care, diagnostic exams, and first aid services. Working hours Monday-Wednesday: 8:00-20:00, Thursday-Friday: 8:00-18:00, Saturday: 9:00-18:00.
    Vet and dog in San Francisco

    Every dog ​​deserves adequate health care, and in San Francisco, you will find the best vet services.

    As you can see, veterinary facilities in San Francisco offer many options, from telephone consultations to specialist examinations. This is one of the biggest advantages of this city when it comes to your pet. If you decide to live here with your dog, you will make the right decision because you and your friend will like this city. To make your pet moving easy, seek help from long distance moving companies in Los Angeles. Moving is also stressful for dogs, but they will ensure everything is in the best order. So, think about this!

    What are the best pet-friendly parks in SF?

    Your dog can walk the streets of San Francisco but on a leash. It can enjoy itself on the beaches, observing all the rules. But, considering SF is a pet-friendly city, it offers several excellent dog parks where your four-legged friend can have fun. San Francisco has more dog parks than Los Angeles and offers better opportunities for living with a dog. So, maybe that’s one of the reasons why families with pets are moving here. If you decide to do the same, LA to SF movers can help you. Now, let’s see the dog parks in SF.
    San Francisco city

    Just respect all the rules about living in San Francisco with a dog, and you have nothing to worry about.

    San Francisco has 31 dog play areas. They are Alamo Square Dog Playground, Alta Plaza Dog Playground, Balboa Park Dog Playground, Bernal Heights Dog Playground, Buena Vista Dog Playground, Corona Heights Dog Play Area, Crocker Amazon Dog Play Area, Park Duboce Dog Play Area, and many others. In all dog play areas, some rules must be followed. Therefore, you must clean up dog waste, keep your dog on a leash outside these areas, and control noise and barking. Also, prevent soil digging and bring only adequately vaccinated dogs to these areas.

    This guide makes living in San Francisco with a dog possible!

    As you can see, San Francisco is one of the best cities to live in with a dog in California. This city offers good opportunities for your dog, verified veterinary clinics, dog shops, and many places to play. So, if you have decided on SF, don’t forget we can help you. And also, there are reliable office movers San Francisco offers if you need commercial moving services. What is important is that you respect the rules of living in San Francisco with a dog, don’t let your dog walk without a leash or let it make a lot of noise. It can be said that these are the main things!   References:

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