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10 Things Only People Living in the Bay Area Will Understand

Aerial view of San Francisco

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    Like all other places in the world, Sand Francisco and the Bay Area have some unique and exciting features. Yes, people are friendly and diverse, nature is stunning, and many indoor and outdoor activities exist. But some things only people living in the Bay Area will understand. Today, we will cover the most important ones. You should know this before you call one of the best local movers San Francisco has and start relocating. The Bay Area is unique, and you should definitely go there but read this first, so you can prepare and organize better and adapt easily. Let’s dive right in!

    Terrible traffic is one of the things only people living in the Bay Area will understand

    Today we will cover a few pros and cons and interesting things that only those living in the Bay Area can comprehend. And let us begin with the obvious one. The traffic. Yes, the traffic on 101 is a daily struggle, and there’s always some kind of delay. You can never expect to be anywhere on time unless you start early. A 30-mile drive can take anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes. But it is a rare thing to cover this distance in under an hour. So, be ready for it if you own a vehicle and intend on using it as a main source of transportation.
    San Francisco neighborhood

    The San Francisco traffic can be a bit sluggish, and that’s one of the things only people living in the Bay area will understand.

    Unpredictable weather

    One of the things only people living in the Bay Area will understand is the weather. The unpredictable weather in Bay Area is a common thing, and it is dictated by the ocean and the shape of the bay. For example, the fog can roll in anytime and make you feel like you are living in a different world. Or rarely-seen rains show up out of nowhere. You will surely enjoy the  Mediterranean climate, but you won’t be able to prepare for what is coming that day, that is for sure.

    The risk of earthquakes

    While discussing the weather, we must mention that the risk of earthquakes in the Bay Area is a bit higher than in the rest of the US. You can’t do anything about it because this happens due to the Bay Area’s uniquely shaped landscape. In the past 150 years, we had around 22 magnitude 6 earthquakes. This predicts that we will have another one within the next 30 years. But again, you may spend a lifetime in the bay’s northern, southern, or eastern parts and never feel a single tremor. Despite that, the earthquake risk should always be in the back of your mind. Also, you should have an emergency kit ready, just in case.

    The natural beauty of the San Francisco hills

    We are sure you have already seen one of the amazing hills in San Francisco, at least in movies and TV series. If not, it is time to climb one. As soon as Rockstar Pro Movers CA bring your stuff in, gather your friends and family and start exploring the Bay Area and the amazing city of San Francisco. The steep hills in San Francisco are both beautiful and challenging to navigate, so you should prepare for it if you intend on climbing n foot or with a bike. We suggest checking Russian Hill, Nob Hill, and Loma Alta (High Hill), known today as The Telegraph Hill, Twin Peaks, Mount Sutro, and Mount Davidson. Pick one and hit the road.
    A woman admiring natural beauty of San Francisco which is also one of the things only people living in the Bay Area will understand

    One of the San Francisco hills will show you how beautiful the entire Bay Area is. You will love it.

    You might need a higher budget

    As San Francisco is the second-best city in the US for young professionals, the cost of living is somewhat high. Locals know all about it; if you want to become one, you should also know this, too. The median home value does not go below $1 million, and it is usually more around $1.2 million. This is four times the national average while renting is better. Renting is doubled, with a median renting price of $2,100. This means that almost 65% of residents rent. And yes, some parts of the city are more affordable, but the Bay Area keeps up with the general San Francisco cost of living. You can easily spend $15 on a sandwich and $5 on a cup of coffee. So, do the math and prepare an adequate budget. Luckily, moving services are still affordable and pretty much the same across the board. Check with long distance movers San Francisco trusts and obtain the best quotes in the area. Who knows, if you negotiate a bit, you might get a competitive price and have a cheaper relocation.

    This is home to the tech industry

    The tech industry dominates the entire San Francisco and the Bay Area economy. This provides excellent opportunities for those who work in the tech industry. If you are moving your business with commercial movers San Francisco offers or searching for a job in the area, you are bound to prosper if you are qualified. As we have said, this is one of the best places in the US for young professionals. So, if you do not have already, you’re likely to meet new friends who work at Google, Apple, or Facebook. Prepare to hear a lot about IT, innovative technologies, and development.
    two engineers at work

    San Francisco’s economy is running mostly on IT technologies and engineering. If you are into it, you will blend in easily.

    Diversity and culture

    The diversity of cultures and cuisines is unparalleled. In Bay Area, you can find amazing food from all over the world. But we can’t neglect the local dishes as well. Some establishments in the area make the best baked sourdough bread, and you should pair it with a bowl of clam chowder. But you can’t taste this iconic Bay Area dish without your friends. Go out and enjoy the diverse cultural environment and the amazing food scene of the San Francisco Bay Area.

    Outdoor activities

    The outdoor activities are endless. You will never get bored of hiking, biking, surfing, and skiing, not to mention all the clubbing, shopping, cinemas, theaters, and much more. All within a few minutes by bike, on foot, via tram, or a few hours’ drive if you want to visit the wider SF area. For starters, visit The Golden Gate Bridge, Golden Gate Park, Oracle Park, Pier 39, and Alcatraz Island.
    The Golden Gate Bridge which holds secrets, or rather things only people living in the Bay area will understand

    The Golden Gate Bridge is a hallmark of San Francisco. Make sure to visit it as soon as you arrive.

    Watch a baseball game, admire the landscape, or sunbathe at the beach. We are sure you’ll find plenty of ways to have fun in the Bay Area. Hopefully, movers San Francisco residents recommend will be relocating you over the summer period so you can enjoy all the beauties in their prime. If not, try to match your relocation if possible and work with movers on a specific moving date.

    People in the Bay Area love baseball

    Major League Baseball is a real deal in the Bay Area. The Giants and the A’s are beloved baseball teams, and the rivalry is intense. You should definitely attend one of the games if you have the chance. Stop by Oracle Park, Marchbank Park, or Moscone Baseball Fields and have a blast.

    The laid-back environment is one of the things only people living in the Bay Area will understand

    The Bay Area has a laid-back vibe, and it’s not uncommon to see people walking around in yoga pants and hoodies. No wonder when we have less than 15 inches of rain a year and so many young people roaming out and about. Get ready to join the party and the laid-back environment of the wonderful Bay Area. These were the things only people living in the Bay Area will understand. We are sure you will blend in nicely and quickly if you already know someone in the area. If not, you will meet quite a few new friends, neighbors, and colleagues in a matter of days. We’re sure of it!   References: Earthquake | Association of Bay Area Governments. (n.d.). https://abag.ca.gov/our-work/resilience/data-research/earthquake Wikipedia contributors. (2023, March 13). San Francisco Bay Area. Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/San_Francisco_Bay_Area Serrell, A. (2019, June 12). The 7 Hills of San Francisco. TripSavvy. https://www.tripsavvy.com/hills-of-san-francisco-1623680 Living in San Francisco. (n.d.). Niche. https://www.niche.com/places-to-live/san-francisco-san-francisco-ca/#rankings