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10 Best Live Music Venues in Los Angeles

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    Welcome to Los Angeles – the capital of live music venues and the movie capital of the world! In this article, we’ll present you with the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles, so stay tuned and find out more. We at Rockstar Pro Mover CA would like to help you out and find the best of the best just for you. The history of Los Angles live venues starts with Woody Guthrie and it goes all the way to bands like Doors. Up until today, LA remained the capital of culture in the US. So let’s dive in and take a look at those best live music venues in LA.

    The most famous and probably the best live music venue in Los Angeles is Hollywood Bowl

    This is the most famous amphitheater in Los Angeles, California. Back in 2018,  Hollywood Bowl earned 4th place on Rolling Stone’s top 10 list of best live music venues in the United States. It was constructed on July 11th, 2022 and even today it’s home LA philharmonic. It was the same philharmonic that played here and opened it that summer of 2022. First of all this place hosted everyone famous – from The Beatles (August 23, 1964 ) to Lana Del Ray (October 10th, 2019). The venue can host 18,000 people (seats) and you can see the famous Hollywood sign above the Bowl. Any local movers in Los Angeles will tell you that this is the place if you’re looking for the best live music venue in Los Angeles. Here, you can enjoy anything from the biggest names in all musical genres. If you’re looking for the best place and the biggest performance from classical to hip-hop and even metal, you’ll find it here. The last performance was in 2021 and Kool & The Gang performed; the average ticket price was $152. It’s located right next to the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a bit to the north, you’ll see Universal Studios. It’s just one of the reasons we picked Hollywood Bowl as the 1st of the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles.
    Hollywood Sign;

    Did you know that if you look up the Hollywood Bowl from the right distance, you can see the Hollywood sign?

    Our second pick is The Theatre at Ace Hotel

    Originally known as California Petroleum Corporation Building, it was renamed Texaco Building. It is located at 937 South Broadway in Los Angeles. It’s not as big as Hollywood Bowl and it’s closed, so it only hosts 1,600 seats. On the other hand, its interior and exterior appearance is stunning. Its architectural style is Spanish Gothic. Furniture movers Los Angeles have moved a lot of things in and out during the reopening in 2014. Originally, this theatre was built in 1927 and on average, the price of the ticket is $113. You can buy tickets for $116 on average for concerts (on SeatGeek) and it’s $90 on average for stand-ups.

    The third best live music venue in Los Angeles is The Teragram Ballroom

    Long distance moving companies Los Angeles moved a lot of people to Westlake South; which is the home to The Teragram Ballroom. This one-of-a-kind place offers a unique music experience. We picked this because it’s the one that has a lot of good bars inside – it’s not always about the music, it’s also about the overall experience. You’ll also be able to have a bite of some of the best food in LA. The place can hold up to 600 folks and it hosts indie rock gigs. The prices range from a premium of $110 to an average of  $51 and as low as $33 a ticket.

    Sorted bottles of liquor on a bar shelf;

    Some of the best bars are just here in The Teragram Ballroom.

    You can’t have a live music venue list in Los Angeles without the Greek Theatre

    The Greeks started it all – from podcasts to boxing, so why not music festivals as well? If you don’t believe us, just Google the Pythian Games, the first music festival held by Ancient Greeks in the late 6th century BC. This Greek Theather is in a way similar to that ancient one. First of all, it’s open-aired and it can host 6,000 people. The only problem with this place is the parking because it can be stacked, but there is a solution you can buy an “expensive” $75 Quick Parking ticket. This is like having a concert in the forest at night, so the atmosphere might seem similar to one in Hollywood Bowl.  The average price per ticket for a concert or an event is $126.

    The fifth best live music venue in Los Angeles is Walt Disney Concert Hall

    Open way back in 2003, the Wall Disney Concert Hall is another pick. It was designed by the famous Canadian architect Frank Gehry. First, we’ll let you on a little secret, every day from 9:00 AM till 5:00 PM you can visit the hidden Blue Ribbon Garden. There is a blue and white fountain called A Rose for Lilly which is made of Royal Delft Blue porcelain. Most importantly, you can access all of this using exterior stairs. Also, there is a 40-minute (free) tour from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM daily; tours can be guided and self-guided.  Commercial movers Los Angeles has seen an influx of companies surrounding Walt Disney Concert Hall too.
    Two people in costume of Mickey and Minnie mouse posing while thinking about 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles;

    Did you expect to find Disney-related spot on the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles list?

    Now let’s focus on the musical aspect of the Walt Disney Concert Hall; that’s why we’ve put it in the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles! This place holds 2,265 seats and the average ticket is $237.47 but the prices can be as low as $66.00 a ticket, but the premium seats are around $1300. Some of the most famous names that performed here are Nick Cave, Björk, Sylvan Esso, etc.

    At number 6, we have Hollywood Forever Cemetery

    Now let’s go from Disney to something darker. Piano movers Los Angeles had a lot of work in Hollywood, especially when we talk about the musical business and equipment. On websites such as SeatGeek, you can find event tickets for $87 on average to attend a show here. Other than tickets and performances you can visit here the graves of some of the most famous people such as:
    • John William Cummings aka Johnny Ramone a guitarist, singer, and founding member of the punk band Ramones
    • Mel Blanc aka the man of 1000 voices (Buggs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and many other Looney Tunes and other cartoons)
    • Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz aka Judy Garland with the only animal Terry (the dog from Wizard of Oz named Toto)
    Hollywood walk of fame;

    Some stars will shine forever in Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

    Unlike other places, this one is famous for hosting great movie projections. But when it comes to music, some of the names that performed here were Bon Iver and Karen O. Sometimes the show is moved to Masonic Lodge when it’s not on the lawn of the cemetery. As one of the more reliable movers West Hollywood, our professionals can move you here without any problems. You have to know how to drive through LA streets and how to navigate to avoid traffic jams. Just visit this place and you’ll immediately see why we picked it as one of the top 10 Best Live Music Venues in Los Angeles.

    Satellite in the seventh place

    Spaceland, nowadays known as Satelite, is one of the well-known places in LA. We can tell you that parking is the problem here. Because like in most places nowadays in Los Angles, as cross country moving companies Los Angeles has can confirm, parking is often the problem. Here, you’ll find most Indie gigs and other types of events. The sound is great and there is an upstairs bar where you can have some drinks. If you need any site or any extra space with movers and storage Los Angeles you can contact us. We understand that moving can be quite hard, so we are glad to offer you a helping hand.
    An astronaut trying to reach for something while thinking about 10 Best Live Music Venues in Los Angeles;

    If you think that this is the bartender, you’re definitely at the wrong Satelite.

    We’ve got Troubadour in eighth place

    Maybe you’ll have the same luck as Randy Newman when he started here a long time ago. At the price of $147.83 and as low as $16, you can attend a live event at Troubadour. This place is located on the board of Beverly Hills and Norma Triangle. This place’s got a rich history since its beginning in 1970, this is also the place where Elton John made his debut. But unlike many other places, it stood the test of time and it’s as popular as ever. The sound and the views are great so it’s a great pick just avoid the space under the balcony. As movers Los Angeles to San Francisco we can help you out if you want to try your luck in the Golden Gate city.

    El Rey Theatre is our ninth pick as the best live music venue in Los Angeles

    We one of the most reliable movers in North Hollywood would like to help you find the best music venue after you move here, and its El Rey Theatre. The ticket price range is from $64.35 to $ 13 per ticket. This place’s got a capacity of 771 seats and it’s gorgeous. This was the cinema since 1936 and it remained so for the next 50 years. It also used to be a dance-music club named Wall Street. In 2008 The Aquabats, a comedic rock band filmed their part of their pilot episode here. After that, as you can see you can expect a lot of stand-up comedies and rock concerts, as well as other live music events.

    Last but not least is Largo at the Coronet

    We prefer places that treat their artists well, and that is certainly the case at L.A.’s haven for intelligent, professional vocalists and clever comedians. Some of the most famous people are Jon Brion and Andrew Bird, who all perform in the surprisingly small (280 seats) venue.  The tickets aren’t too cheap – they come on average at the price of $288.94.
    A microphone on a stage;

    After a good day and some wild parties, it’s always good to attend a good old stand-up comedy night.

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    Final thoughts on the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles

    We’ve presented you with the top 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles and we hope that you liked them. In addition, we would just like to recap all of them. So, if you’re a fan of fancier places, visit Hollywood Bowl and Walt Disney Concert Hall. On the other hand, you’ve got El Rey Theatre and Greek Theatre as something really interesting and a bit smaller. Troubadour and Satellite are not as pricy as other options, so this is a budget-friendly chpic. Hollywood Forever Cemetery is a unique experience during both the day and night. While The Teragram Ballroom and The Theatre at Ace Hotel are one-of-a-kind attractions and have their own stories; just like other places. In the end, they’re all special and the pick is entirely up to you. Once again, thank you and we hope that you’ll have a nice time at one of the 10 best live music venues in Los Angeles. Have a nice time and a great stress-free move and welcome to LA.