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Understanding the Different Kinds of Moving Estimates

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    One of the most important things when it comes to moving or hiring a moving company is understanding what moving estimates are and why they are important. Binding estimate; Non-binding estimate; Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate – do these terms from the moving industry sound familiar to you? Probably not. And this can certainly confuse you when you start your moving process. But, what is very important at such a time is that you need to understand all the details of the moving estimate you receive. Because that can lead you to a successful move! So, we at Rockstar Pro Movers CA are here to help you in understanding the different kinds of moving estimates. Let’s start right now so you don’t waste the time!

    All you need to know about moving estimates

    In general, the moving estimates represent the offers you will receive from your moving company. And in the moving industry, there are three types of moving estimates. This offer contains all the important details about your move, as well as the final or approximate price of your move. You can get a moving estimate regardless of whether it’s a local, long distance, interstate, or cross country move, and it’s based exclusively on the details of your move. For example, when moving from California to Austin, you can find a “free moving estimate” or “free moving quote” option on the website of all moving companies. You need to click and leave the requested information about your move to receive a ballpark offer and plan your finances.
    Girl requesting a moving estimate by her telephone

    Requesting a moving estimate is very easy, and you can do it through your computer or phone.

    In order to get a moving estimate, you need the following data:
    • Contact information (your first name, last name, phone number, and your email address)
    • Moving information (moving date, moving size, pick-up location, and drop-off location)
    Also, you may come across another field that you need to fill in – How Did You Hear About Us? This field is usually marked with an asterisk, which means that it’s mandatory to fill it out. After you fill in all the fields for the moving estimate, you can expect a response from the moving agents in the next 12-24 hours.

    We will help you in understanding the different kinds of moving estimates!

    All of this can seem a little confusing, but don’t worry! We will help you understand all the essential details about moving estimates. First, you need to know that long distance moving companies in Los Angeles can offer you three types of moving estimates. Also, there are moving companies that offer one type of estimate, and in most cases, it’s a binding or non-binding moving estimate. There are three different types of moving estimates:
    1. Binding estimate
    2. Non-binding estimate
    3. Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate
    Person singing contract

    Understanding the different kinds of moving estimates it’s not easy, but you need to remember all the important details that we will reveal to you.

    We can say that these three types of moving estimates are similar. But you will find more information about that in the continuation of this story!

    Binding estimate

    For a binding moving estimate, we can freely tell you that this is maybe one of the best options. If the company offers you this type of moving estimate, feel free to accept it. By choosing a binding estimate, you will receive the final price of your move, which the moving company can’t increase or decrease at the end of the process. Regardless of whether you moved less stuff than you stated, you will pay exactly as much as agreed. Also, what the movers and storage Los Angeles offers would advise you is to make your inventory list before you request a moving estimate. Based on that, you can give accurate data when it comes to the number of things you are moving. Also, you need to understand that when it comes to a long-distance move, the costs can be charged according to the number of things.

    Non-binding estimate

    A non-binding estimate isn’t always the best solution. Especially if it’s about moving your home and a thin budget. The non-binding estimate will not guarantee you the final price, because the price may increase or decrease at the end of the move. This option is unfortunately associated with moving scams that you may encounter if you don’t choose reliable movers. You may end up paying more than you expected. Understanding now why this isn’t one of the best kinds of moving estimates?  That’s why we advise you to always check the moving company before contacting them. You can do this on the FMCSA official website with the USDOT number of the moving company.

    Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

    We can freely say that this type of moving estimate is one of the best solutions. Especially when it comes to interstate moving, long-distance, cross-country, or office moving. For example, if you are moving the office to or from LA, office moving Los Angeles companies provide will give you a chance to pay less than the expected amount. If your belongings exceed the agreed quantity or weight, you will not be charged extra if you choose a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate. Also, if you have a smaller amount of things than expected, the moving company will charge you only based on the number of things you moved with you.

    Which type of moving estimate is the safest?

    Is understanding the different kinds of moving estimates difficult now? We hope we have helped you. A binding moving estimate and a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate may be the best choice. Depending on the type of your move and the number of things. Also, a non-binding estimate can be risky for your budget, so be careful when you make the final decision.
    A professional who handles and helps the customer to understand the different types of moving estimates.

    Our moving company will help you find the best solution for your move!

    For example, movers California to Colorado would advise you to choose a binding not-to-exceed moving estimate for moving from California to Colorado due to the long distance between these two states (1,133 miles). That way, you will be able to plan your budget and take into account the final costs of your move. Once you get a hang of understanding the different kinds of moving estimates, you are on the right track to have a great move!