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Relocating Your Business From Phoenix to Portland 101

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    Portland is a major economic hub in the Pacific Northwest. It is a great city for business owners and families alike. Its population is around 650,000 people, and it has a metro area of over 2.5 million people. On average, around 30,000 people move to Portland each year. That makes it a fast-growing city. Thanks to its expanding tech sector, its top IT companies were nicknamed the Silicon Forest. If you are considering hiring a commercial moving company, such as Rockstar Pro Movers CA, then Portland is a good option. That’s why more and more people are deciding to continue their businesses in Oregon. Therefore, relocating your business to Phoenix and Portland should prove a great decision for your business.

    Doing business and other benefits after moving to Portland

    Thanks to its great market, many companies chose Portland as their main hub for business. That is thanks to its good road connections, low utility costs, and large shipping capabilities. Portland is being described as one of America’s hottest startup scenes. It all makes up for a really good offer when thinking about relocating your business to Portland. Especially with the number of commercial movers California offers to Portland, many people choose to relocate their business to the city. Moreover, there is a number of tax benefits, like a 0% sales tax in the whole state, which is great for business.
    An image of a sign saying 'Portland, Oregon'.

    Relocating your business from Phoenix to Portland will prove to be a great decision for your business profit-wise.

    There are also other good offers, such as that when you hire five employees, you can pay almost no business taxes to the state for a period of 8 years. That’s a pretty good deal, something you won’t find in many other American cities. In 2022, it was ranked to be the 22nd best city to live in the US. And with people leaving Phoenix and relocating to Portland, many cross country moving companies Los Angeles has and offers, as well, are offering great relocation deals for commercial moving to the city. With global supply chains being hit due to the pandemic and other crises, many people are looking elsewhere. Domestically, that means there are a number of great cities with a good influx of new people. Portland has proven to be a great option.

    Average salaries and opportunities Portland offers

    Portland, like any other major U.S. city, has a lot to offer. Its average salary is around $70,000, which makes up to somewhere around $34 per hour. That’s above Phoenix’s and Los Angeles’ average, just to put it a perspective, making it a top-notch destination for many moving services California has. Not to mention it’s above the national average of around $56,000 annually. Money-wise, that makes Portland a great choice for good salaries. Moreover, thanks to its good laws, it’s a great place to relocate your business to.

    Moving to Portland – how is it like

    When relocating from Phoenix to Portland, you’re going to need to cover over 1200 miles. That probably means you’ll need to hire a company to relocate you, as opposed to doing a DIY move. Not only it’s too long of a trip, but commercial moving requires a professional hand to execute properly. That’s because of the many more services you’re going to need for a successful move. Compared to prices for residential movers Los Angeles offers, or even Phoenix, you’ll see a rise in price. It’s best to contact one of the moving companies directly and ask about the prices. Some of them also offer free estimates you can use.
    Lots of packed moving boxes, as you prepare for relocating your business from Phoenix to Portland.

    Commercial moves are best done by a professional moving company.

    On average, nationally, for a 1000-mile long-distance move, you will need to pay somewhere between $2000 and $15.000. That depends on the quality of their services, how many items you’re relocating, and so on. While the long distance moving companies California do cost a lot, it will also depend on your personal needs. Be aware that, on average, commercial moving costs a bit more than a residential one. That’s true even if you’re relocating a similar amount of items.

    Trends for relocating your business from Phoenix to Portland

    All the statistics show that Portland is constantly growing and developing as a city. Even though there have been some setbacks in the city recently, its business scene has proved to be resilient. This shows that a good market, a good workforce, and low unemployment can do wonders. Oregon’s unemployment rate is at around 3.5 percent, while data for Portland alone is unavailable. When compared to Phoenix’s California, it’s 4.10%, making Oregon a better state to find work opportunities. That’s why people are hiring even Los Angeles interstate movers and similar companies, as well. According to the ranking named ‘Ease of Doing Business, done by Arizona State University, Portland ranks 61st, scoring 68.88. Compared to other American cities, that’s a pretty good score. Also, consider that Portland often ranks as one of the best US cities for clean environment and public transportation. That should all be valuable metrics when deciding what kind of business environment a particular city is building.
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    Portland is well-ranked when it comes to ease of doing business, for its clean environment and its public transport.

    Conclusion: relocating your business from Phoenix to Portland in a nutshell

    Finally, it’s important to say Portland is a really good choice when it comes to commercial moving. It has a lot to offer to business owners thanks to its strong economy and many opportunities in the high-tech sector. It’s as popular for commercial as well as for residential movers. When deciding on a new home in Portland, note that Red Fin says that average house prices are around $549,000. That makes it a somewhat competitive housing market. Nonetheless, you’ll find many great furniture movers California based companies offering good relocation offers. That, coupled with your commercial relocation is a great deal. Relocating your business from Phoenix to Portland is a really good chance to create more business opportunities. It will allow you to re-innovate your company by finding a good workforce. Portland is a perfect city for it since all statistics and metrics show it’s expanding and developing. With tens of thousands of people moving in each year, it’s a good place to conduct business.