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Moving From Phoenix to Seattle With Family

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    Living in Phoenix must have been great, but it’s time for a change. The place where you choose to raise your family is really important and making the decision to move across the country is never easy. If you’ve decided to bite the bullet and made plans for moving from Phoenix to Seattle with family, you can rest assured that you’ve made the right choice. Such a move requires a lot of time and energy, and hiring Rockstar Pro Movers CA to accompany your move is the way to go about your relocation.

    Is moving from Phoenix to Seattle with family the right choice for you?

    One thing is moving on your own, and it’s completely different when you have to move your entire family. There are many factors and details which need careful deliberation. To make your relocation easier, Los Angeles interstate movers will do most of the heavy lifting for you. What you need to do is carefully evaluate if your family is ready for such a big change. You need to ask yourself these questions before committing to an interstate relocation:
    • School – What school will your children attend? Are your children mentally prepared to change schools and find new friends?
    • Job – Have you found a job in Seattle? If not, is your financial cushion big enough to support your family and for how long?
    • Pets – Will you take your pets with you, or will you try rehoming them before your relocation?
    • Family – Are you and your kids ready to leave your extended family in Phoenix?

    Leaving Phoenix, Arizona to move to Seattle with your family

    Leaving a home is never easy, especially when you’re moving so far away. Be sure to give yourself and your kids time to say goodbye to your old home. You will also have to say goodbye to a lot of your stuff as taking all of it across the country will be too much of a hassle. Don’t worry about saying goodbye to your old furniture, as furniture movers California can transport them to your new home.
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    Don’t overpack. Relocation from Phoenix to Seattle is hard; bringing redundant items will make it even harder.

    The distance between Phoenix and Seattle is about 1,4oo miles. This equates to about 22 hours of driving time by car depending on traffic. If you do decide to drive to Seattle and let the long distance moving companies California, take care of the moving part, you can pass through Las Vegas on the way and you could make a road trip out of it.

    What to expect in Seattle, Washington after moving with your family from Phoenix

    Consider renting and real estate price

    Keep in mind that buying a home in Seattle can be even 2.3 times more expensive than it is in Phoenix. The median sale price of a 3-bedroom house in Phoenix is roughly $346,409. Meanwhile, in Seattle, the price can go as high as $826,200 for a 3-bedroom house. Renting a 2-bedroom apartment in Phoenix can cost you around $1,533. Whereas in Seattle, the rent can go for much higher, with the median being about $2,724. However, the cost of rent depends on a lot of factors, including location, size, and quality. Don’t let this scare you from buying a home in Seattle. There are over 100 different neighborhoods to choose from, so you’ll have plenty of places to look for what you need and what fits your budget. If you do decide to buy or rent property in Seattle, residential movers California can make your relocation to your new home as smooth as possible.
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    Be ready to spend a lot more money on both living costs and real estate after moving to Seattle

    Amazing education

    After you settle down in your new home with the help of moving services California, your next step will be getting your kids accustomed to their new school. Every change is difficult, especially for children who have a hard time accepting change. But fear not, as their education will be nothing short of spectacular. Seattle is renowned for being one of the most literate and educated cities out of the nation’s 63 largest cities. Seattle’s educational system is nothing short of spectacular. Compared to Phoenix, Seattle spends 27,3% more per student. In fact, 47% of Seattle’s residents have earned a bachelor’s degree, almost double the nation’s average of 24%, with Phoenix having 29,4%.

    Average salaries and opportunities Seattle offers

    Thanks to its phenomenal job economy, Seattle is continuously ranked among the 10 best cities for job opportunities. It has an ever-growing demand for all branches of work. Moreover, Seattle’s employers pay notably more than employers in Phoenix. The average salary in Phoenix being $50,474, compared to Seattle’s $75,725. Due to numerous job opportunities, many people choose to move their business to Seattle. If you’re also considering relocating your business to Seattle, commercial movers California will be at your disposal.
    moving your family to seattle

    Seattle is a beautiful city with stunning nature and amazing architecture

    Enjoy moving from Phoenix to Seattle with family

    Moving can be quite stressful for the family, especially if you’re making an interstate relocation. To make your job easier, hiring cross country moving companies Los Angeles would be your best bet. They’ll give you enough time and energy to focus on saying goodbye to your family and acquainting yourself with your new home. Seattle – also known as The Emerald City thanks to its unrivaled natural beauty – has something for every member of the family. Whether you want to take a road trip to one of Seattle’s evergreen forests or you want to enjoy some of Seattle’s world-class attractions, you can’t go wrong.  Seattle is home to many major sports teams, a diverse arts and culture scene, and many antique shops and indie boutiques. No matter what you’re looking for, Seattle has something to offer.

    Bottom line

    You’ve learned in this article what awaits you in your new place of residence after your move from Phoenix to Seattle. Emerald City certainly has a lot to offer. Stunning nature, diverse communities, and a range of sporting, cultural, and social events. Now it’s time to have a fresh start with your family and make Seattle your new home!