Imagine that your move is coming to its end: your movers provided a wide array of moving services such as packing, transportation, and unpacking and safely delivered your items. It is time to pay for your move, and you are thinking about if you should tip your movers.


Do you have to tip movers?

The number one rule for tipping is that there is no pressure of doing it. Tipping is not an obligation, and it is up to you whether to do it or not. Some people think that movers are already getting paid by their company, and there is no need for gratuity. However, waiters and waitresses also get paid by their employer, but people still tip them. Tipping is a standard way of letting the employees know that you enjoyed their service.


Should you tip movers?

Honestly, yes, you should because moving is hard work. Let’s appreciate the fact that you don’t have to do all the packing, heavy lifting, driving, etc. Remember that tips also serve as an indicator of good service. If a moving crew doesn’t get any tips, you are implying that they didn’t do a good enough job. However, if the service provided for you didn’t satisfy you, then you can keep the money in your wallet.

Consider treating your moving crew with refreshing drinks during the hot summer or cold winter. At Rockstar Pro Movers, our movers provide such a high-quality service that our clients offer refreshing drinks on top of gratuity.


Ask yourself these questions when deciding

We wrote a few questions that will help you to decide if you should tip your movers:

  • Did your moving crew act professionally during the move?
  • Have your packers and movers handled your belongings with enough care?
  • Did they take unreasonably long breaks?
  • Were they nice and friendly or rude and disrespectful?
  • Did your movers had to carry large or heavy furniture through stairs?