While changing your apartment, you come across a bunch of movers who are highly professional at what they do. They execute your job with speed and accuracy without wasting your valuable time. Now, you are in a sort of catch-22, wondering if you are expected to hand the movers a tip for a job well done or not? And if so, how much can you give them? Trying to determine the amount for tipping and when to tip them can be quite challenging. Thus, in this article, we will be sharing some useful suggestions that can make the whole situation easier for you.


A tip is like a confirmation for a job well done.

First off, always keep in mind that a tip is like a confirmation for a job well done. After the movers have executed the given task and you feel that the services rendered are short of expectations, you do not have to tip them. Mostly, a tip shows that the movers performed beyond your expectations. Hence, ensure that you give a tip because they truly deserve it, and not because you think so.

Concerning how much you should hand over to the moving people after excellent service, there is no specified amount. You won’t find a book of proper etiquette that shows how much to pay the movers that carried all the heavy loads and keeps your stuff safe from one location to another.

When it comes to the question of tipping movers, you can’t be right or wrong as only you can determine whether the service rendered has been performed above par. If you feel that the service is not good enough, then you are not required to tip the moving people. Tipping is a reward for high-performing movers who deserve special treatment. If you come across movers who are extremely helpful during their work, then, endeavor to give them a tip as appropriate.


Other ways of helping movers

While at it, you can offer beverages to the movers; however, ensure that it is a drink that befits the time/weather of the day. Advisably, you may provide cold drinks, hot chocolate, or coffee. In a situation where your stuff is plenty, and the moving process may take several hours or extend beyond lunch or dinner, you may offer them burgers, pizza, or sandwiches. All the three options can be consumed relatively fast while at work, and the movers will surely appreciate the kind gesture.


Our suggestions on how much to tip

We can suggest a tip between $5 to $50 if you have one or two movers at work. The two individuals can share the money equally. However, while deciding the amount to give out as a tip, consider how strenuous the work was. Simply put, consider the heavy boxes, several stairs to carry your items through and the awkward furniture that you own.

It is advisable to consider giving a $20 tip for each mover if more than two individuals are working for you. Calculate the total amount and give it to the head mover, so that he can share it among the movers.

In some cases, you may feel the services rendered were exceedingly high. In such a situation, you can give as much as $100, if you like. But, only give out such a high amount in a condition where you experience the best service ever. For example, a mover may go out of his way to assist you at the last minute or search for your scared pet that went out through the opened door. For such extra services, endeavor to be thankful and offer a generous tip accordingly.


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