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What You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

What You Need to Know Before Moving to Los Angeles

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The city of Angels, L.A, City of Flowers and Sunshine, The Big Orange, La-La Land. These are just a few of the names Los Angeles is called.

The grand city of Los Angeles, located in the southern part of California, is the home and epicenter of the United States film and television industry.

A trip to Los Angeles would be incomplete without visiting places such as the Hollywood Boulevard, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers for a mind-blowing tour experience.

Thousands of visitors and immigrants are welcomed with open arms into Los Angeles yearly. However, before the tides of time take you to Los Angeles, there are important things you need to know.

This article is focused on discussing all you need to know before deciding to move to Los Angeles.

  1. It is hard for immigrants to get a job.

    It is only natural as an immigrant to get queasy about your means of livelihood in a new residence.

    Getting a job is competitive, especially in the entertainment industry. While some employers in a given industry may be willing to do video or phone interviews until you fly out, it is advisable to make plans to move to Los Angeles before you begin job hunting. The process may drag through a few months or more.

    Endeavor to have a substantial amount of savings to cater for your living expenses. If you will be enrolled as a student in any of the colleges in Los Angeles after moving, you may choose to apply for an internship which will get you ahead of the long line of competition.

    If you can make a great impression plus get a chance to learn and explore the cultural heritage of the city, you may get hired by the company you intern at.

  2. Meeting the challenge of getting an apartment.

    Given the increasing number of people moving into Los Angeles every day, vacant apartments disappear very quickly and can be rented out within the day.

    Before contemplating a move to Los Angeles, determine the general area you want to live, its proximity from your school or work location. Decide what mode of transport is best suited to plying the area before getting your apartment.

    Most residents of Los Angeles get around by driving. Make sure you don’t accept a lease unless you are certain you can handle the rigorous daily drive. If not, you may have an untold effect on your stress level and happiness.

  3. Coping with the struggle of traffic.

    With a population of over 4 million residents, the city of Los Angeles boasts thousands of cars plying its roads daily.

    As such, it is very hard to get to work or school in the mornings and getting home afterward. Except you get lucky and your work or school is a stone throw from your apartment.

    Alternatively, you may choose to walk some 15 to 20 minutes to beat the traffic and avoid being stuck for hours while remaining physically fit.

    It is no news that L.A residents have learned to live with daily heavy traffic. You can too. You may choose to use the time stuck in traffic judiciously to listen to podcasts, read a book, or take a nap if you are in a commercial vehicle.

    Others find it helpful to go to the gym quite early before work or just after work to allow the traffic to reduce before heading home.

    Apps like Waze and others give you real-time updates on traffic information to help avoid traffic jams, accidents, and point you towards shorter routes. It helps in taking you on surface roads through neighborhoods to reach your destination.

  4. Los Angeles is a really big city.

    Unlike many other big cities, Los Angeles is really big and well spread out, such that it is impossible to get around using public transportation. Driving around is not optional, even if you have to drive to the bus stop or train station.

    On the plus side, you can explore the city of Los Angeles with the opportunity as opposed to some cities you get to know in several hours. Several years after you have moved in, you will discover more exciting parts of the city.

  5. Jaywalking is prohibited.

    You are not the king of the road. Unlike other cities, you simply can not walk around whenever and wherever you want in Los Angeles. You must always use the crosswalk and wait till the traffic sign shows green.

    If you fail to do this, you can be charged with Jaywalking and get a ticket that will cost you $200. It is important to note that you can get as many tickets for as many times you Jaywalk.

    Think about all the things $200 can buy before you go waltzing about in the City of Angels.

  6. Science of parking in L.A.

    With the freeways congested, street cleaning is a thing in Los Angeles, and you will get a ticket if you are parked wrongly unless you have a parking permit.

    Some permits allow you to park for a certain duration of the day. Be sure to pay attention to these seemingly trivial details, or you may end up getting a ticket.

  7. Los Angeles is dog friendly.

    L.A is a dog-friendly city with numerous restaurants, shopping centers, patios, dog parks, daycare, etc. that welcome dogs. If you plan on moving to Los Angeles with your dog, you and your dog are in for a treat.

    However, be careful never to take your dog to the beach unless it is a designated dog beach. If you don’t already have a dog, and you would like to adopt one, Los Angeles has a lot of places with rescue centers where you can adopt from.

  8. Not everyone in Los Angeles is in the Entertainment industry.

    Truth be told, a lot of LA residents work in the entertainment industry part-time or full time. Your regular bartender could be a movie scriptwriter and a stunt double.

    The city of Los Angeles is filled with so many possibilities. However, contrary to popular opinion, there are lots of other opportunities in other industries other than entertainment.

    In Los Angeles, you find a lot of people are full of creative energy and put the energy to good use as they have both day jobs and creative businesses on the side.

  9. Comfortable weather.

    Wonder why Los Angeles is called the city of Sunshine? The answer is not far fetched as the weather, in general, is sunny and comfortable but for a few days of grey and rain.

    Therefore trade your beloved collection of coats, hats, and sweaters for lighter clothes before moving to Los Angeles and remember to always apply sunscreens.


After carefully considering the aforementioned and the decision is to move to Los Angeles, it is a good idea to determine how the move will affect your budget. You may need to bank with a new bank in the area that has good features.

It would also be in your best interest to run your decision by a financial adviser who will assist you in identifying and meeting your financial goals.