Tips for Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

Tips for Hiring a Reliable Moving Company

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Relocation is not an easy task. You are likely to face a lot of challenges when moving. No matter what type of move you are interested in, you must be well prepared for the relocation process both financially and psychologically.

The big question is – what does it take to relocate from one place to another? During your move, you need to do a lot of planning, packing, unpacking, as well as loading and unloading. Also, you should have all the necessary facilities, packing materials, boxes to be able to store and transport your items during your move.

It’s incredibly important to make the right choice and hire reliable movers. Obviously, you must be very selective when it comes to hiring a moving company. Give preference to real moving professionals who are the best in what they do. Today, we’ll provide you with tips for hiring a reliable moving company.

So, let’s get started.


Hire licensed and insured movers.

You need to know if a moving company doesn’t have a license or insurance. According to the law, unlicensed and uninsured moving companies are not allowed to do business. And of course, moving companies without a license number or insurance should be avoided.

You’ll find it easy to check if a moving company is licensed or not. Each moving company has to have a unique USDOT number. Your job in hiring a reliable moving company is to ensure that this number is valid. You’ll be able to look up the USDOT number from the United States Department of Transportation website.

Additionally, you have to ensure that a moving company of your choice is insured. Ask movers to show you insurance ahead of time. Check moving company’s insurance with the salesperson and make sure that it covers your personal items.


Don’t deal with moving companies that ask to pay a large deposit.

It’s worth noting that the vast majority of moving companies ask their clients to pay reasonably small deposits. However, you should never pay for moving services fully in advance.

It’s normal for movers to ask their clients to pay deposits. Nevertheless, a deposit shouldn’t be large. Don’t pay a deposit that’s larger than 20% of the estimated move’s cost.

In most cases, a moving company has a two-step payment process. Initially, a client pays a small deposit (less than 20% of the move’s cost). The client pays the rest after his or her belongings are relocated to the new place.

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Ask your movers about extra fees.

Dishonest movers may require their clients to pay additional fees after the work has been finished. First, they offer moving services at lower prices to land new clients for their business. Then they ask customers to pay additional costs that haven’t been discussed earlier.

Without a doubt, you should prevent these kinds of things from happening. It would be better for you to ask movers about the hidden fees in advance. One of the steps to hire a reliable moving company, then you should get a written or digital quote. It all begins with a consultation. During the initial consultation, you should discuss your moving costs with movers. So, you’ll know how much you’ll have to pay to get things done ahead of time.

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Check moving company’s reviews.

One of the best ways to hire reliable movers is to take advantage of somebody’s recommendations. Have your friends, relatives, neighbors, or colleagues used moving services recently? Are they happy with moving experience? In this case, you should ask them for a moving company’s contact information.

A lot of movers are available in every state these days. Unfortunately, not all moving companies are committed to the best possible customer experience and provide their clients with high-quality services.

You should give a preference to those movers, who have built a solid reputation on the market. People tend to leave reviews about movers after using moving services.

Pay close attention to a moving company’s online reputation. You should analyze customer reviews of movers carefully before hiring them. Take some time and do research.

You need to analyze customer reviews on such sites as Yelp, Google, Trustpilot, online communities related to moving services, and other sites. This analysis will help you decide if a moving company of your choice is worth hiring or not.

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Check the areas where the moving company operates.

Every moving company operates in certain areas only. Once you find the movers with a good reputation, check moving company’s areas served. Dealing with movers who operate outside your state can be hard.

It can be too expensive and inconvenient for you to hire movers who don’t work in your state. That’s why it would be better for you to give preference to local movers who operate in your city and its surrounding areas.

It’s important to know that all reliable moving companies provide contact information on their websites. Check a moving company’s address and visit its office.


The help of movers in the relocation process is immeasurable. The reality is, professional movers are highly trained and fully equipped to do any type of move. Most likely that you will find it difficult to relocate without the assistance of movers.

That’s why so many people choose to hire professional movers to get the necessary tasks done in the best possible way. A lot of moving companies operate on the market these days. However, not all movers can do a great job for their customers. We hope that our tips will help you to hire reputable movers for your upcoming move.