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Simple Guide on Tipping Movers

Simple Guide on Tipping Movers

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Imagine that your move is coming to its end: your movers provided a wide array of moving services such as packing, transportation, and unpacking and safely delivered your items. It is time to pay for your move, and you are thinking about if you should tip your movers.

While changing your apartment, you come across a bunch of movers who are highly professional at what they do. They execute your job with speed and accuracy without wasting your valuable time. Now, you are in a sort of catch-22, wondering if you are expected to hand the movers a tip for a job well done or not? And if so, how much can you give them? Trying to determine the amount for tipping and when to tip them can be quite challenging. Thus, in this article, we will be sharing some useful suggestions that can make the whole situation easier for you.

  should you tip movers

Should You Tip Movers?

Honestly, yes, you should because moving is hard work. Let’s appreciate the fact that you don’t have to do all the packing, heavy lifting, driving, etc. Remember that tips also serve as an indicator of good service. If a moving crew doesn’t get any tips, you are implying that they didn’t do a good enough job. However, if the service provided for you didn’t satisfy you, then you can keep the money in your wallet.


A Tip Is Like a Confirmation for a Job Well Done.

First off, always keep in mind that a tip is like a confirmation for a job well done. It’s a way to show that you recognize their effort and appreciate it. After the movers have executed the given task and you feel that the services rendered are short of expectations, you do not have to tip them. Mostly, a tip shows that the movers performed beyond your expectations. Hence, ensure that you give a tip because they truly deserve it, and not because you think so.


You May Want to Tip Your Movers if They Are:

  • Helping you with furniture disassembly and assembly.
  • Handling your specialty items, fragile items, and antiques carefully.
  • Moving quickly but carefully while handling your belongings.
  • Moving large boxes and heavy furniture multiple flights of stairs.
  • Being nice and friendly to you and your family members.
  • Working efficiently and giving you peace of mind during the move.

Concerning how much you should hand over to the moving people after excellent service, there is no specified amount. You won’t find a book of proper etiquette that shows how much to pay the movers that carried all the heavy loads and keeps your stuff safe from one location to another.

When it comes to the question of tipping movers, you can’t be right or wrong as only you can determine whether the service rendered has been performed above par. If you feel that the service is not good enough, then you are not required to tip. Tipping is a reward for high-performing movers who deserve special treatment. If you come across movers who are extremely helpful during their work, then, endeavor to give them a tip as appropriate.


You Can Consider Adjusting the Tip Amount or Not Tipping if They:

  • Show up late with no warning or explanation.
  • Spend a lot of time on break or use other time-wasting tactics when you’re paying by the hour.
  • Some possessions are broken or suffered damage.
  • Leave the boxes labeled “upstairs bedroom” in the hall or kitchen.
  • The movers are rude or disrespectful.

You can consider not tipping them or reducing the amount if any of the incidents above happen. More important is how your movers deal with those accidents. Then you decide to tip them at a reduced rate, or not to tip at all.


When Should You Tip Movers?

It’s recommended tipping the movers at the end of the move. If you have 2 or more teams working on your move, tip them when each team finishes their part of work. As we mentioned above, when team A helps you pack and load, and team B unloads your possessions to your new place.

You can also hand out your tips to each moving crew member, not the full amount to the foreman.

  do you have to tip movers?

Do You Have To Tip Movers?

The number one rule for tipping is that there is no pressure of doing it. Tipping is not an obligation, and it is up to you whether to do it or not. You decide to tip your moving crew or not based on the professional attitude or the crew members and the quality of the move.

Some people think that movers are already getting paid by their company, and there is no need for gratuity. However, waiters and waitresses also get paid by their employer, but people still tip them. Tipping is a standard way of letting the employees know that you enjoyed their service.

Tipping is not required, however, it’s important to remember that a tip usually is not included in the bill. Packing and moving heavy boxes and furniture is tedious and hard work. Professional movers help you save your time and make your move simple and stress-free, so a reasonable tip would be a good way to reward them for their work.


Ask Yourself These Questions When Deciding:

  • Did your movers team act professionally?
  • Have the movers handled your possessions with enough care?
  • Did they take long breaks for meals or smoking?
  • Were they friendly or rude and disrespectful?
  • Did they have to carry large and heavy furniture through stairs?

At Rockstar Pro Movers, our movers are courteous and well-trained to do their jobs perfectly. You can expect to be impressed and ultimately satisfied with our services and how we deliver them.

  our suggestions on how much to tip

Our Suggestions On How Much to Tip.

In fact, tipping movers is a delicate matter. On one hand, you wouldn’t want to look unappreciative. But it’s your hard-earned money, and probably you’re on a tight budget. Movers would like to get bigger tips, but it’s always up to you.

A simple and generally accepted way to evaluate how much to tip your movers is the length of your move.


Here’s the Average Tip Rates:

  • A half-day move (less than 4 hours) – $20-30 per person
  • A full-day move (8 hours) – $40-50 per person per hour

If your movers are spending their time on carefully packing your specialty items, helping you disassemble your furniture, or working from the morning daylight to dark evening, you can pay them up to $60-100 per person.

Actually, there are some other suggestions about how to tip movers:

  • Based on the number of working hours.
  • A percentage of the total bill.
  • A maximum amount, or the absolute minimum you can give.

We can suggest a tip between $20 to $50 if you have one or two movers at work. The two individuals can share the money equally. However, while deciding the amount to give out as a tip, consider how strenuous the work was. Simply put, consider the heavy boxes, several stairs to carry your items through and the awkward furniture that you own.

It is advisable to consider giving at least $20 tip for each mover if more than two individuals are working for you. Calculate the total amount and give it to the foreman, so that he can share it among the movers.

In some cases, you may feel the services rendered were exceedingly high. In such a situation, you can give as much as $100-200, if you like. But, only give out such a high amount in a condition where you experience the best service ever. For example, a mover may go out of his way to assist you at the last minute or search for your scared pet that went out through the opened door. For such extra services, endeavor to be thankful and offer a generous tip accordingly.


Consider the Following Factors Before You Tip Your Movers:

  • Complexity of your move. The size of your house and the volume of your possessions, the quantity of packers and movers involved, how many days the whole move took from start to finish – these are the main factors affecting the total moving cost and the tips amount. If you have long, narrow flights of stairs, lots of bulky and heavy furniture, piano or fragile items, and if your movers were forced to work harder – that means they should be paid accordingly. If your move was pretty hard and particularly challenging, plan to tip as much as you can.
  • Quality of service. If your movers showed up on time, they handled your belongings with care, and you’re happy with the quality of their service – that’s another reason to give a generous tip.
  • Exceeding your expectations. If your movers helped you and did the things they were not obliged to do: helped you finish packing, stayed late to make sure your boxes, valuable goods and specialty items were properly placed in your new house, etc. Giving a larger tip would be appropriate to show your appreciation.
  • Quantity of teams you’re working with. When you’re moving for a long-distance, usually the team who loads your possessions into the truck isn’t the same team that carries them into your new place. You should tip both teams separately. That means you’ll have to tip movers 2 times: at the beginning and at the end of the move.
  methods of payment for tipping your movers

Methods of Payment for Tipping Your Movers.

Tipping movers with cash is a usual and generally accepted way for a long time. Nowadays less and less people carry cash and use applications to transfer money. So, do you have to go to the ATM before moving day and withdraw some cash to tip your movers?

Still, cash is the best way of tipping. You can give all of the tips to the foreman, if you trust him. But there’s always a risk that your money won’t make it to everyone. It’s better splitting the amount among the team so each crew member will get their due. It’s the way to make sure that your tip goes where you intended and to show your gratitude directly to each member instead of only the foreman. Also, if you notice that a single worker or two of the whole team worked especially hard, you can tip them extra.


If You Forgot to Go to the Bank or ATM, Consider the Following Options:

  • There are some moving companies who offer a line to include the tip in your bill. And you can pay the tip with the same card you pay the moving company. But in this case, the biggest portion of your tip might not go to the moving crew, while you think that you’ve paid enough to your moving company.
  • You can tip your movers with a check, if you need to record the payment. In this case, you should pay the foreman and ask him to divide it among his moving team.
  • Ask if your movers or the foreman uses any digital payment app, such as Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. It’s also safe to transfer money via application during coronavirus might as it helps to avoid transmitting the virus through the cash. In case none of the movers team don’t use payment apps, run by ATM to withdraw.
Other ways of showing your appreciation

Other Ways of Showing Your Appreciation.

Consider treating your moving crew with drinks during the hot summer or cold winter. At Rockstar Pro Movers, our movers provide such a high-quality service that our clients offer refreshing drinks on top of gratuity.

While at it, you can offer beverages to the movers; however, ensure that it is a drink that befits the time/weather of the day. Beverages provide essential hydration. No matter what the weather is like, make sure you have water available at your place. If your move lasts longer than a full day, consider providing the following benefits:

  • Coffee on cold days and early mornings
  • Tea, hot chocolate or non-caffeinated drinks for those who don’t drink coffee
  • Cold soda, or sports drinks during summer
  • Snacks

Don’t Give Your Movers Beer at the End of the Day.

Many companies, not only legitimate moving companies, have rules that prohibit drinking alcohol on the job. You also don’t consume alcohol at work, do you? It’s better giving them cash, so they can spend it as they wish.

It’s also a nice gesture to provide food for your movers. Moving heavy boxes is really hard physical work, and food will give your movers energy, especially if it’s a full-day move. If your move takes more than four hours, your team might need a break for a meal and take some rest.

You can take a quick vote from the workers on what they want for lunch. If you’re on a budget, consider a few meal options you’re comfortable paying for:

  • Pizza is the best option to feed a crowd.
  • Burgers, sandwiches or fried chicken are other options for easy and quick meals.

Leave a Good Review for the Moving Company Online.

Recommending the movers to your friends and leaving positive reviews on Yelp, Google, Foursquare, etc. would also be helpful to improve their rating. Showing your appreciation for their hard work through positive reviews and recommendations are good and pleasant forms from a customer.

Movers help to safely transport your possessions, valuable items and family heirlooms that you could never replace with great care. Knowing how much to tip your movers is important, as it shows your appreciation and recognition of their well done job. And never forget to provide each mover with a sincere thank you. They will be glad to hear that.