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Moving from Los Angeles to San Jose, CA

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It is no secret that a lot of millennials are continuously relocating to San Jose, and this is why. First off, the lovely city of San Jose seats just below the Bay Area, hence, it is popularly rated next to the renowned San Francisco. And with the continuous booming of the tech industry, it is not surprising that San Jose has risen into the status of a metropolitan and a sophisticated city to reside in. 

Right at the heart of the famous Silicon Valley, San Jose is associated with high living standards, and of course, top thriving businesses. As a cosmopolitan city, there are several languages and residences from different nations in the area. Although English remains the primary and official language, you can hear a bit of Chinese and Spanish.

If you are contemplating a move from Los Angeles to San Jose, the following reasons are why you should proceed with your proposition:


1. Excellent Weather

The San Jose weather is great. Hence, as a residence, you get to enjoy all outdoor activities and sunshine all year round. January is usually the coldest (72 degrees Fahrenheit), with other months suitable for growing and gardening.


2.Job and Educational Opportunities

San Jose presents a lot of job opportunities for residents. There are several A-list companies in the city, including Google, Adobe, and other top-notch prestigious startups. So, if you are looking to move to San Jose to secure a better job, then you are on the right path. Likewise, San Jose has several world-class elementary and high schools. The San Jose State University is the oldest West Coast institution, as well as the Silicon Valley University and the Evergreen Valley College


3.Recreation Areas

You can never be bored in San Jose – the city is great for all indoor activities. With about 16,000 acres of parks spread across San Jose, there is enough space to stroll, jog, cycle, or even take a walk with your partner or pet. Popular and historical parks include Emma Prusch Farm Park among others.


4.Safety and Low Crime Rate

San Jose is relatively safe, with a very low risk of robbery and violence. Despite the size, San Jose enjoys a high level of security like you would expect in any other urban giant. Are you a nightwalker? San Jose is a safe place to explore the evenings.


Moving on from the perks of being a San Jose residence, let’s take a look at some of the worrying points to watch out for:


1. The Unusually High Cost of Living

San Jose is an expensive city to reside in. The cost of home or rental in San Jose is one of the highest in the world. So, unless you are financially buoyant, relocating to San Jose might be an expensive decision to make at any time.


2. Traffic Problems

Like any other big city, San Jose experiences common traffic problems. Most residents are vehicle owners, and this means a vast population of vehicles ply the roads every day, leading to traffic jam and gridlock.


3. Advanced Cityscape

San Jose boasts top-notch local architecture and exquisite edifices. However, the advancement of technology means we now have advanced cityscape and modern buildings. Hence, the city may appear overbuilt, thus hindering free movement for some people.


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