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Moving from Los Angeles to Mountain View CA

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Located near the beautiful and historic city of San Francisco, Mountain View is one of California’s most unique and fascinating cities. Home to a wide array of attractions and sites of interest, Mountain View is a city that offers something for everyone. The city boasts a mild, warm climate year-round, great cultural amenities, friendly people, and plenty of attractions and exciting landmarks. With so much to do and see, Mountain View is a city you will fall in love with after just one visit.

With over 85,000 residents, Mountain View is definitely less populated and smaller than Los Angeles. Hence, you should be prepared to experience less crowd and less space area when you make your move from Los Angeles to Mountain View eventually.   Technology is really prominent in Mountain View, with several high technology companies headquartered in the city. From Google to Mozilla Foundation, Intuit, and Symantec, among others, tech provides a decent percentage of employment opportunities for new and existing residents


Excellent Dining Experience in Mountain View

There are several blocks of cafes, shops, and restaurants, concentrated at the downtown station. You will find the Chez TJ in the Bay Area, just a block from the Castro Street on Villa Street. The Tied House is another top-class restaurant located close to Chez TJ and doubles as one of the pioneer brewpubs in the Mountain View downtown.


Popular Spots in Mountain View

If you are relocating to Mountain View, it would be great to get familiar with the top spots you can check out while in town. Mountain View has a couple of parks, including the Shoreline Park – the largest in Mountain View. Shoreline Park sits on a landfill and runs along the Bay North of U.S. Route 101. Considering its size, it has in it the Shoreline Golf Course, Amphitheater and the Rengstorff House – a prominent historic place.


Why should you use a reliable Long Distance Mover?

Long distance relocation involves wrapping of numerous packages carefully and neatly and putting them all in storage trucks for onward transport to your new destination. Once you are ready to move from Los Angeles to Mountain Viewer, it is best to work with a full service moving company capable of handling such long-distance moves. Your move from Los Angeles to Mountain View will require the technical know-how of a professional moving company.

Less stress

Also, considering that you are moving to a new place, you will definitely have a lot of physically and emotionally packed moments. Rather than subjecting yourself to the serious physical stress that comes with moving, you can trust professionals like Rockstar Pro Movers to handle all the physically-demanding aspects for you. We boast of expert movers and packers capable of handling all types of properties, including the most delicate and padded materials.

Planning professionals

You need proper planning and scheduling, which you will most likely find too complicated to handle by yourself. Hence, you need the help of a reputable moving company to get things wrapped, packed, labeled and moved conveniently. A good moving company will include a detailed description of the belongings in each box so that they are arranged in the right storage truck in an organized manner. Handling these on your own may lead to situations where the wrong materials go into the wrong truck. 

Take care of you until the end

On getting to your Mountain View destination, you will need to unload and unpack your boxes carefully. You will also need to separate the items and put them in the right places and positions. You do not want to handle all these on your own – it can be stressful and tiring. But with a reliable Los Angeles mover or Mountain View mover in the picture, you can have it smooth and easy. The professional packers and movers from this company will help you to unload, unpack, and place your items and belongings to the right places in your office or home.


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