Moving Company Quotes Explained

Moving Company Quotes Explained

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Planning for a move usually means visiting or calling several local movers to get an accurate free moving quote that tells you roughly how much it will cost for you to move with their company. It can be tricky trying to understand moving quotes. Luckily, you have no need to worry. In this post we’ll tell you everything you need to know about moving quotes.


What is Included in a Mover’s Quote

When you are asking for a moving quote, you should provide as many moving details as possible so the mover can give you an accurate quote. A mover’s quote for a full-service moving company normally includes the following things:

  • Tariff Cost
  • Distance Traveled in Miles
  • Minimum and Estimated Weight of Your Belongings
  • Discounts (if applicable)
  • Packing Supplies
  • Packing and Unpacking Service
  • Storage
  • Transportation Charges
  • Additional Fuel
  • Insurance Surcharge
  • Additional Services

If you choose to use a company that is not full service, like a self-service or specialized moving company (such as van lines or piano movers), this list can change.


Factors the Affect Moving Costs

When a mover is giving a moving quote, they are considering several different things that can affect how much your move costs.

  • Weight

    Because moving companies will generally quote you a price based on weight, your moving costs can change depending on how much stuff you have to move and how much it weighs. A heavier move is going to cost you more.

  • Type of Move

    Depending on whether you are looking into local or long distance moving can change the price you are quoted. Long distance moves almost always cost more than local moves. So, if you’re moving a long distance, don’t be surprised if you are quoted a higher price.

  • Packing and Labor Costs

    You’ll be charged extra if you decide that you want your moving company to pack your boxes for you. It’s important to keep in mind that some companies only insure boxes that they themselves have packed. So, if you decide to save money on packing your boxes, you might want to look into some extra insurance.

  • Insurance

    Speaking of insurance, whatever protection the moving company gives you can affect the price. Legally, movers can’t sell insurance. Instead, they sell something called valuation (which is very similar to insurance). There are two types of valuation: full value protection and released value protection. To learn more about moving insurance, check out this post.

  • Obstacles

    Believe it or not, obstacles to your move can cause the price to go up. For example, lots of staircases or narrow hallways that require more work can increase the price you are quoted. Also, any uneven terrain, long carrying distances, or difficult arrivals (like a long, steep driveway or impassable bridge) can all affect the price of your move.

  • Beware of Scams

    When you are asking for a moving quote or estimate, it’s important to be careful of scams. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has reported a recent increase in local and long distance “movers” who lowball clients in the beginning of the moving process only to hike up the price on moving day.


Moving Estimates

In the moving industry, a moving quote and a moving estimate are more or less the same thing. The type of estimate will determine the price you pay while the moving quote is the number that you are initially given.

There are three types of moving estimates: a binding estimate, a non binding estimate, and a binding not to exceed estimate. To learn more about moving estimates, the different types, and how they work, check out this post.