How To Pack Clothes For Your Move

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Whether you have ever moved from one apartment to another in the past or not, packing up an entire home requires hard work to execute. Packing tasks often demand the use of a considerable amount of time, energy, and effort. Also, within a single packing project, there will be various minor packing tasks to perform. For instance, you have to pack and arrange your storage areas before engaging other spaces such as the bathroom.

However, regardless of the time which you have left before your moving deadline, never underestimate the packing job ahead. Do not underrate the energy and time required to pack small items, including those you find comfortable while packing or materials you usually pack and unpack daily such as clothes.


Tips to Know Before Packing Your Clothes

Most pieces of clothes are light-weighted. Thus, there is no need to be concerned about how to handle the packed boxes alone. However, you will find a large, luggage full of clothes heavy to carry, most especially if you have to pass through several stairs.

But the good news is that clothes are not eggs, meaning that you do not have to worry if you drop them on the floor accidentally. In addition, regardless of the condition which you find your garment after unpacking them, they will still stay intact without damage – only a few wrinkles will be apparent.


What to Do Before Packing Clothes

  • Sort: Before you start packing your clothes, the first course of action is to assess your possessions. Check for the materials that you need to move and those that you do not need. By sorting out your belongings before moving, you will save your valuable time and reduce your luggage bills.
  • Pre-Pack: Prior to the day that you will move, endeavor to pack some of your clothes, so as to reduce the stress of packing on the final day.

Advisable Materials to Use

  • Wardrobe Boxes – these containers will come handy for your best clothes. Wardrobe boxes are tall, easy to handle and contain rack where you can position your formal dresses. In this way, your clothes will be saved from getting wrinkled. However, be informed that it is an expensive option. Also, wardrobe boxes may cover more grounds compared to conventional packing boxes.
  • Standard Cardboard boxes – these boxes are ideal for keeping almost all clothes pending the time you will unpack them. Consider using the medium or large sizes since most clothes are light-weighted.
  • Vacuum Bags – this option is quite useful, most especially because they only cover a small space once the air is sucked out of it. However, your clothes might not be given the maximum protection – but there is a solution. Get a soft packing paper and arrange your clothes into it; the paper will serve as extra cushioning.

Undoubtedly, several tasks are involved with packing materials before moving. However, if you feel that the task is beyond your capacity or you do not have the time, you may contact professional moving companies to perform the job on your behalf.

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