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How to Organize a Move: Decluttering Before Moving House

How to Declutter Your Home Before a Move

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Planning a move? Before you start packing for your move, the best thing to do is declutter your home. It will not only make your move a lot easier, but it will also leave you room to have a fresh start. After all, sometimes getting rid of a few things from your messy house to let new things in is the best thing we can do. Follow our tips to get your home cleaned up and organized for the big move.


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Start Earlier and Plan Properly

At the beginning of the year, you can plan for your impending move. For instance, you can establish a weekly goal of cleaning a room or storage in a week, then another in the other week. During a week’s project, endeavor to pack one or two boxes with your clutters, then give them out to your neighbor or someone in need.

Once you start the decluttering process, it can be amazing to realize how much stuff you actually have. To get a clutter free home, being decisive about what you want and don’t want can be difficult, but it’s necessary. Getting started early will give you time to sort through everything and decide which items you want in the moving truck when the big day arrives.


Make a Declutter Your Home Checklist

Checklists are awesome tools to use when you need to get something done. When decluttering before moving, a checklist is a great idea. There are several different checklists you may want to use, but we recommend starting big and then going room by room. Let us give you some effective tips on how to organize a move and introduce the best way to declutter and downsize.

  1. Focus on a room at one time

    Avoid moving from one space to another without completing the task in a given place. Ensure that you tackle one room before you proceed to the next one.

    This part requires a lot more time, work, and attention to detail. You need to go through every single room in your home and decide what you want to keep and what you want to part with.

    You might decide to use the three-box method for sorting your things. It means taking three boxes into each room and designating them as “keep”, “give away”, and “storage”. Putting something in a storage unit is a good compromise if you have something that you don’t use a lot, but you still don’t want to get rid of it.

    Finally, the order of the rooms is important. You don’t want to pack up your entire bedroom three weeks before a move. Then, you wouldn’t have anywhere to sleep or any clothes to wear. That’s why we suggest you begin with less important rooms, like a home office or laundry room, before you move on to declutter your kitchen or living room.

    Get moving boxes from a local store or free from your relatives. They will come in handy in getting things moved properly.

    Although the steps given above seem pretty simple and straightforward, decluttering your home for a move can be a lot more complicated. In this section, we will outline a few tips on decluttering before a move that will hopefully make the process easier for you.

    Gather all the unwanted pieces of stuff to give out to others or those that you would like to store while staging your home.

  2. General Removal of Unwanted Items

    How to get rid of stuff before moving? There are some things you have in your house that you know you no longer want or need. It could be broken furniture, a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in years, a shirt that no longer fits, toys you don’t use anymore, expired medicine or food, etc.

    Do this part of the process over one day, making two trips through the house:

    During the first trip, bring a trash bag and recycle bin and throw out/recycle anything that cannot be donated or sold.

    On the second trip, you should go through every room in your home and set aside those unnecessary or unwanted items that can be sold or donated.

  3. Have a Garage Sale

    Garage sales are a great idea to help you get rid of things, recycle unused or unwanted items, and make a little extra money. One important thing to have in mind when hosting a garage sale is that you need to be flexible with pricing. At the end of the day, you want to get rid of everything. So, if someone offers you $2 for a book you have marked for $5, don’t be too stubborn. After all, you’ll probably donate the book if it doesn’t sell anyway.

    That being said, you should also have a plan beforehand of what you are going to do with any unsold items. It’s highly unlikely that you’ll sell every item. Finally, if you decide to have a garage sale, make sure you do it well in advance of moving day so you have time to get rid of anything that you can’t manage to sell.

  4. Sell Your Items Online

    The ubiquity of the Internet in the world today means you can sell a lot of your items online. There are tons of online marketplaces where you can sell your used furniture, clothes, and appliances. Consider selling things on Facebook Free & For Sale pages, Facebook Marketplace, or Craigslist, among others.

    You might have to commute to sell your items, but you will reach a much wider audience than you would with a traditional garage sale. With some good luck, you might even get a bidding war and sell your items at an even higher price!

    Again, if you are going to sell your items, try doing so well in advance so you have time to donate or get rid of any unsold items.

  5. Donate Your Items

    There are a lot of nonprofit organizations that accept donations of clothes, furniture, and more. If you want to upcycle your unwanted items, consider donating them!

    Don’t know where to donate? With a quick Internet search, you should be able to find some local organization that accepts donations. Here are some ideas:

    For clothes and furniture: The Salvation Army or Goodwill.

    For books: try checking out your local public library or school.

    If you end up donating a lot of items (worth $250 or more, ask the organization for a receipt. You can claim the donation as a charitable contribution in your taxes for the year.

  6. Another Way Out

    If the idea of cluttering makes you feel super overwhelmed, you can always consider hiring a professional organizer to do everything for you. These people will decide what does and doesn’t belong, and they’ll be able to do so without attaching sentimental value to anything.

    Check for the materials which you would like to pack and move to your next house.

    Consider whether the material is that special or worthy enough to spend your energy in packing and unpacking.

    • Consider the prospective buyers (if you are looking to sell your current home)

      Try to understand how the potential buyers will see your house. You may ask a stranger – or someone who is not close to you – for their opinion concerning your home. This is where you gain the most by hiring a stager or an organizing specialist. We will help assess your home without any attachment or bias. After all, we do not share any connection with you. So, we can easily show you areas where your families or relatives might overlook.

    • Come up with a plan: Write down the tasks that you need to execute.

      For instance, note the special recycling that may require additional time or a piece of furniture which you have to sell. By having a list that contains your thoughts, you will be able to clear all the challenges with ease. Sometimes, you may encounter tasks that demand more time to process; endeavor to keep them in a record so that you can continue later.

    • Set deadlines: Moving from one location to another always has a deadline.

      Hence, endeavor to set deadlines to get your home in order, staged, and pictured. In fact, set a time to list your house on MLS and the time to book for open houses. Remember, whether you are pretending to move or not, you still need the deadline to achieve the desired result.


Final Note

Keep in mind that your emotion is the most challenging hurdle to overcome while downsizing your clutters for a move. If you are getting emotional while disposing of some of your unwanted materials, you can rent storage spaces to keep them, but, this should be your last option. Get the pieces of stuff which you do not need at your new apartment in the store pending the time you will sort them out.

While most people consider downsizing as a noble decision, others see it as a necessity. Whichever category you belong to, applying the stated tips herein will help your decision-making and assist you in moving into your new home without clutters.

At Rockstar Pro Movers, we will be delighted to help you with the downsizing of your home. These and similar add-ons to our services are how we ensure that our clients move from one home to another with no stress whatsoever. Reach out today!