How Much Do Packers Charge Per Hour?

How Much Do Packers Charge Per Hour

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Let’s say that you are looking for a group of professionals to help you safely pack your belongings. In this case, you would ask yourself how much do packers charge per hour. The cost varies depending on the moving company.

Usually, established moving companies have a minimum number of hours for labor-only moving services. A 3-hour minimum is very common nowadays. It is fair because businesses need to make money. If packers drive several miles to do an hour-long job, the company won’t make any money. They might lose more money. However, smaller moving companies might be able to accommodate you with less than 3 hours.


How much do packers charge per hour?

Below is the average cost for packing services in the United States, according to Thumbtack:
  • 2 packers at $42.50 per hour per worker – $85 per hour total
  • 3 packers at $35 per hour per worker – $105 per hour total
  • 4 packers at $32.50 per hour per worker – $130 per hour

Remember that the actual costs may vary depending on the time of the year and the cost of living in your city. In winter, when there is less demand for movers, it might cost you less compared to the summer. Also, San Francisco packers might charge more per hour than Charlotte due to the cost of living.

Meanwhile, Homeadvisor writes that the average cost of packers is $50 to $120 per hour, which is pretty close to Thumbtack’s rates.

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Supplies are sold separately

Pricing above doesn’t include supplies. It is hard to tell exactly how many boxes, tapes, shrink wraps, etc. will be used in your move. However, you can get a price per unit:

  • small moving box on average costs $3
  • medium moving box on average costs $4
  • large moving box on average costs $5
  • dish-pack moving box on average costs $8

Almost all moving companies bring their packing supplies when you hire packers. Don’t forget that specialty items might need custom crates.

If your packers do a great job, don’t forget about the tipping etiquette.

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