Business Relocation Announcement

Business Relocation Announcement

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In the business world, try to avoid the change of address as much as you can. If you have no choice but move your office, then you need to properly notify your stakeholders. We wrote this article to help you with your business relocation announcement, and we will be discussing the following:


Who to Inform?

There are several groups of stakeholders who you need to announce your business relocation:

  • Customers

    Customers keep your business afloat. If you lost most of your current customers, your cash flow will drastically suffer. We don’t want it to happen and that’s why you must let your customers know that you moved and tell them where you moved. Don’t lose them!

  • Vendors & Suppliers

    Communicate your business relocation to your vendors and suppliers. That way, you will get your supplies to the right location, which is your new location. Therefore, you will keep serving your customers like you used to and keep your business running.

  • Partners

    Do you partner with other companies to tackle larger projects or new markets? Then you are more likely to have meetings together. If you timely communicate your business relocation with your partners, they will have enough time to allocate for travel. Also, it shows that you are thoughtful about their time, which strengthens your business relationship. Also, maybe it is a good idea to invite them to your relocation party.

  • Government

    Updating your address with government agencies is vital because you want to receive important documents to your new address. Also, it would be unfortunate if someone else receives your documents sent by government entities.

Now you know who you should inform, and let’s get into what you should tell them.


Craft Appropriate Messages

What are you going to say in your business relocation announcement? Remember that your message for each stakeholder category will vary. For example, a message to government agencies should be more formal while the message to customers should be more personable.

We suggest you use simple words and avoid slang, jargon, and abbreviations. Also, keep your sentences clear and concise. Read your message several times, ask other people to look at it, and make sure it is clear before sending it.

So, let’s say you crafted nice messages; but how do you deliver these messages to your stakeholders?


Use Online Platforms

We strongly suggest you update your address online and post announcements at least on the following platforms:

  • Website

    Update your address everywhere on your website, including the header, footer, Home page, Contact Us page, and other pages. Make sure to go over your website a few times to catch the errors.

    Create a banner on your home page announcing your business relocation. You can also create a popup window that serves the same purpose.

  • Social Media

    This includes Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media platforms that you use. Also, don’t forget about listings: Yelp and Google My Business.

  • Email

    You can use your Gmail or whatever email provider you have to email your stakeholders. However, we suggest using Mailchimp to send a personalized email to each of your customers, vendors, and partners. You can create a template for each stakeholder category and have the system send the emails for you.

    If you have your address on your email signatures, don’t forget to update them as well.

  • Text Messages

    You can also send text messages to ensure that your stakeholders know that your business moved. There are online services that allow you to do it faster than from your phone. Choose the one with a free trial or free tier that fits your list; save your money.


Use Offline Platforms

  • Print Assets of Your Business

    You don’t want to send letterheads or give business cards with the old address on them. Therefore, you might want to order new ones with the updated address. Also, don’t forget to update our address on other print assets of your business.

  • Newspapers

    Have you thought of announcing your business relocation in local newspapers? It serves two purposes: lets your current customers know that you moved and gives additional exposure to your new location.


Hopefully, by now you know who to notify, what to tell, and how to deliver your business relocation announcement. You can use this free office moving checklist to prepare for your upcoming move.