8 Tips On How to Downsize Before Your Move

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Moving never ceases, either in the summer or winter.  Regardless of whether you choose to move in this current season or not, clearing the clutter around as a sign of moving will bring out a similar result. Consider the following tips that can help you downsize your properties in preparation for your next move.

1. Plan Early and Properly

At the beginning of the year, you can plan for your impending move. For instance, you can establish a weekly goal of cleaning a room or storage in a week, then another in the other week. During a week’s project, endeavor to pack one or two boxes with your clutters, then give it out to your neighbor or someone in need.

2. Focus on a room at one time

Avoid moving from one space to another without completing the task in a given place. Ensure that you tackle one room before you proceed to the next one.

3. Get moving boxes from a local store or free from your relatives.

They will come handy in getting things moved properly.

4. Gather all the unwanted pieces of stuff to give out to others or those that you would like to store while staging your home.

5. Check for the materials which you would like to move to your next house.

Consider whether the material is that special or worthy enough to spend your energy in packing and unpacking.

6. Consider the prospective buyers (if you are looking to sell your current home)

Try to understand how the potential buyers will see your house. You may ask a stranger – or someone who is not close to you – for their opinion concerning your home. This is where you gain most by hiring a stager or an organizing specialist. We will help assess your home without any attachment or bias. After all, we do not share any connection with you. So, we can easily show you areas where your families or relatives might overlook.

7. Come up with a plan: Write down the tasks that you need to execute.

For instance, note the special recycling that may require additional time or a piece of furniture which you have to sell. By having a list that contains your thoughts, you will be able to clear all the challenges with ease. Sometimes, you may encounter tasks that demand more time to process; endeavor to keep them in a record, so that you can continue later.

8. Set deadlines: Moving from one location to another always has a deadline.

Hence, endeavor to set deadlines to get your home in order, staged, and pictured. In fact, set a time to list your house on MLS and the time to book for open houses. Remember, whether you are pretending to move or not, you still need the deadline to achieve the desired result.

Final Note

Keep in mind that your emotion is the most challenging hurdle to overcome while downsizing your clutters for a move. If you are getting emotional while disposing of some of your unwanted materials, you can rent a storage space to keep them – but, this should be your last option. Get the pieces of stuff which you do not need at your new apartment in the store pending the time you will sort them out.

While most people consider downsizing as a noble decision, others see it as a necessity. Whichever category you belong to, applying the stated tips herein will help your decision-making and assist you in moving into your new home without clutters.

At Rockstar Pro Movers, we will be delighted to help you with the downsizing of your home. These and similar add-ons to our services are how we ensure that our clients move from one home to another with no stress whatsoever.  Reach out today!